My new course that can give you a whole load of points

Hey guys. I know a course that can get you truckloads of points and that in 100 classic reviews, you can get 1,000,000 points.

The link to the course is:

Click on this to go onto the course

Not everybody wants to waste their time on this. Remember that Memrise/Decks is for learning - not getting lots of points. . .

. . . and this forum is for helping others with their studies, and improving courses - not advertising your “Memrise Point Generator”.

Oh right, anyway this was aimed at my classmates who are greedy for points so that they can win prizes at school, but I understand what point you are trying to bring.
Thank you for replying

The only person you cheat is yourself.

oy oy oy oy oy oy!
That’s not very nice, anyway I deleted it so no need for beef!

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