My huge conjugation course


I finished my first course on Memrise some time ago. I mean I finished creating it. And I would like to present it here, because the “search” option doesn’t work much, and perhaps someone else will be interested in it.

It is the conjugation course I had wanted and couldn’t find. I am copying the format of the awesome Spanish conjugation courses by edthird (if you are by any chance reading this, your courses are awesome, thank you!). No translation, no confusing non-French terminology. Pure conjugation drills, to supplement other learning resources. Conjugation drills cannot substitute real coursebooks and grammarbooks, and native input. All that is needed to use these forms correctly. But I’ve simply noticed that most learners struggling to speak are simply getting stuck at verbs, drilling them can help to make them automatically ready for your use.

The format:
Q:je ÊTRE présent
A:je suis

1 verb=1 level, there are 75 model verbs
The course covers ALL the conjugations (including passé simple and subjonctif imparfait), so don’t hesitate to choose only the verbs you want and use the ignore button for all the verb forms you don’t need, at least for now. I am an advanced learner and I wanted a complete course to review everything. The course is based on several resources, in paper and online.

I’ll be grateful for any feedback. There shouldn’t be any mistakes. But if you find anything nonetheless, let me know, I’ll correct it asap. If you want a verb added, let me know, no problem.


Thank you for creating this course! I have always struggled with French conjugations and this seems to be the perfect way to familiarize myself with them. One minor error would be that Level 71 is empty. Besides that, everything looks great! Cheers!


Thank you! I’ll have a look at it. Most probably, I skipped it by accident and the place is waiting for a verb on demand :slight_smile:

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I struggle with verbs particularly, do you know how I can bookmark this course so I can learn it after I’ve finished the course I’m on at the moment?

Your course looks great, by the way :smile:



There is no way to bookmark courses on Memrise, even though we are surely not the only ones who’d like to have it. The only way is to start the course, learn even just one word, and let it rot on your dashboard till you have time for it. Yes, it makes the dashboard quite chaotic, but there is no other way.

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I noticed a mistake in level 11, a missing “s”, it should be: que nous essuyions

Also, in over thirty five years I don’t think I have ever heard subjonctif imparfait actually used - except as a joke. It might be kinder to leave these conjugations until last:)

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Sorry about such a late reaction!

Thank you for noticing, I’ll fix it asap!

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Hi @Thawrea I really find your course extremely helpful. Thank you for all your efforts !
I have so far found the following mistakes (I will update):

Level 2: vois étiez (vous étiez)
Level 4: ils firent - FAIRE passé simple (the word “ils” is missing for the prompt: ils FAIRE passé simple)
Level 10: tu plaçait (tu plaçais)
Level 13: je enverrai (j’enverrai); que je envoie (que j’envoie)
Level 15: il haïsait (il haïssait)
Level 19: en courrant (en courant)
Level 21: je ouvre (j’ouvre); je ouvrirai (j’ouvrirai)
Level 23: je assaillirai (j’assaillirai); que je assaillisse (que j’assaillisse); je assaillerais (j’assaillirais); Attention: the entire conditionnel présent has an “e” (assaillErais) where there should be “i” !
Level 37: The infinitive that appears in the prompts is consistenly written “POUVOUIR” (should be “pouvoir”)
Level 47: ils riiaient (ils riaient)
Level 64: The infinitive that appears in the prompts is consistently written “S’APPELLER” (should be: s’appeler)

I would like to add sound to this course. Would you make me a contributor? :slight_smile: :grinning:

I wanted to created similar ones for my daughter and 1 verb is taking long time to setup (~30 minutes).
Then I find yours, really thanks for this valuable course, and your great effort.