My daily goal doesn't change

Same issue here! My streak counter is stuck, and it just says “Goal Complete” every day :frowning:

Same here.

My streak counter and experience is saying I completed my goals even though I haven’t.

I can turn the streak goal counter on and off to get it to work but I lost my streak, my streak was only a couple days so I don’t really care but it would be annoying if I had a large streak.

Same here. I’ve read some posts from 2013 and 2016 indicating the same issue. In both posts, it was a temporary glitch. I hope that is the case with the current issue. I’ll be posting if the situation changes.

Hey there, we are still working on this, trying to get it sorted. I will keep you updated in this thread, hopefully we can get it sorted asap.

Again, many apologies, we understand how crucial this is to your learning.


For 5 or 6 days the goals, streaks and such information of the memrise app are not successfully transmitted to the data server.
Perhaps the reason is based on one of the last updates or any link to the file server could be wrong, besides it may also be a question of Google Analytics.

We have now identified the problem and fixed the root cause, we will be releasing updates with the fix to our platforms very soon and we will release some notes :memo: as to what happened once the incident is fully resolved.

Thanks for your patience


I totally understand this - I have 1504 streaks and will be devastated if that’s lost (I lost 99x streaks last year already)…

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I seem to have lost my 165 day streak because of a related (or maybe the same) issue but across two iOS devices. On one, my streak reset a couple of days ago, but the other still said 164 days. Then I used the device upon which the streak had reset to do my daily Memrise stuff, and the streak was lost on the other device. Both are logged in to the same account (jaytay579) so this should have synced. I hope that as part of this fix recently broken streaks wil be restored!

JBorrego, does that mean we are going to get out lost streaks back? I lost 370+ days worth of streaks. Today, the app seems to be working again, but somehow I am at 2-days streak.

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Grazzi ħafna :-)))

There is still a sync problem between App and web versions. Today all courses on the app are showing 1 day streaks.
I have tried clearing data and cache. I have reinstalled the app. I have tried logging out and in. I have restarted the phone. Still no sync.
On the web version my streaks are all showing correctly.
For example on app 1 day streak - on web 279 day streak (same course). I completed a lesson on app and now the streak is 2 days and 280 on web.
Similarly another course is 1 day on app and 1577 days on web. This time I completed the course on the web and the streaks are now 2 days on app and 1578 days on web.
I have a second android device and the streaks there are also all 1 day or 2 day.
I am using the same login details on all devices and web.

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Hi all!

As promised, another update with some technical information as to what happened and what we have done.

What happened:
Streaks are stored in a database that is read and written by the different platforms. Due to a small bug in an otherwise unrelated optimisation, one of the platforms started to write in that database more times than it should have, to the point where we couldn’t write to the table any more. Since the clients couldn’t write more data in that table, that’s why you saw that the streaks on web were not increasing even though you were achieving your daily goal.

Mobile clients store that data locally until they can sync correctly, so streaks on the app were “unaffected” from a user perspective - however, since the apps thought they had synced those values (even if they couldn’t), if a user signed out or changed device, those values would be lost as they were only stored locally.

What have we done:

  • We have fixed the issue that caused this in the first place.
  • We created a new table and migrated all the values to the new one, which is a lot bigger.
    That allows for clients to write in it again, so they can synchronise their values to the table again and that is why you can now see how your streaks continue to go up on web.
  • We have released hotfixes for both iOS and Android that “force” that re-sync of the streaks stored locally. These updates should get to you within the next few hours.
  • We are taking the appropriate steps to make sure this can’t happen again.

What happens next:
If you have been affected by the issue, you don’t need to anything. If you are learning on mobile just open the app while connected to the internet and it will sync your data to the new table.

There will be some (but not many) of you who have lost your streak. We are working hard to see how we can help to mitigate that and restore them for you.

Again, apologies for the inconveniences caused and thank you very much for your patience.



but which ones?
device 1: streak 2
device 2: streak 752

(same course, two different streaks on two different devices) What happens when I update device 2, resync locally stored streak of 752, then update device 1 and resync of locally stored streak of 2?
I’m scared to update device 2 :cold_face:

“We’re going to need a bigger boat”

I’ve contacted memrise before about this concern, and a staff responded & directed me here for updates.

It was recently fixed as I was following the updates.

However, it’s a new day, and this issue has reoccurred.

My iOS app says 2 day streak, web says 94 day streak. I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones.

Hi Nathan can you confirm your app version please?

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Hi Jesus, I am still experiencing the same problem today with the latest app version 2.94_23413_memrise.
all my streaks on app are 2 days ( some now 3 days) and the web is still showing the correct streak (for example a 3 day streak on app and a 1579 day streak on web).

Thank you @LarBoylan this is really helpful. We are looking into it

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well its fixed now. (for now)

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thank you for confirming PrimumGenus, would you mind letting me know if you only use web or you also use any of the mobile apps?

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