My daily goal doesn't change

Hey everyone

I’ve been having some trouble for 4~ days. I’ve started some courses and set daily goals. Everything was ok but now everytime I enter memrise it’s written on my courses that I already achieved my daily goals.
I don’t know how to solve this problem. Today again I have every goals achieved even though I haven’t studied anything.

I know I still can learn new words and use memrise but It would be better to have this option available and achieve new goals everyday by myself.

I’ve had this same problem since I first joined, over a week ago. I’ve tried resetting the goals but that doesn’t help - every day, any course with a goal set already has “goal achieved” before I even do anything and the daily streak never goes beyond 1.

At last, it’s working! For the first time since I joined, 11 days ago, I have a streak of more than one day. Yay! OK, so I’m easily excited. If anyone at Memrise did something to make this work, thank you. If not, and it somehow came right on its own, well, thanks anyway.

I also tried to reset this and wait for next day but it didn’t help.

Today it’s working same like for stephenr512. I can see points I need to complete, thank you.

The same problem with my mom´s account, Dijulka. So you didn´t do anything and it started working after few days? Did you lose your Daily Goal? She already has 54 days in row and she is excited about that…
Thank you in advance

Hi @JBorrego

Over the last few days my daily goals are showing as complete before I do any studying. This happens on both the web and the android app.
However if i do a review on the app and get enough points the streak counter increments as it would if the goal had not been reached. This does not happen on the web, but if i then do it again on the app the counter increments.
This happens only once per course as it should.
However not knowing if all goals are reached is a concern.
Another thing i notice is that i have a few courses on 1403 day streaks but if i look at my profile it says my longest streak is 1402 days.
I have completed all my courses today.

Today all my courses except 1 show daily goal complete. Again when i do reviews on the app the streaks increments.
when i did a review on one of the courses with a complete status the streak went from 1403 to 1404 and my longest streak went from 1402 to 1403. When i did a review on the course that did not have a complete status the streak also went from 1403 to 1404 and the longest streak went to 1404.(so at least this is now correct).
If my courses reset correctly at midnight to show goals not yet complete then all should be ok. If not I again will not know the status of my daily goals.

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@JBorrego @MemriseSupport
Today all the streak indicators show correctly before any study, but only on the app.(actually each 1 day lower than the web)
The web still shows all goals complete and still increments by 1 as i complete the goal on the app.
Another thing I just noticed is that on a course that I have a 1405 day streak with goal set at 15 mins(6000 points) the goal indicator seems to have reset to 5 mins(1500 pounts)
If i try to put this back to 6000 points I will lose the streak.