My Advice For Rolling R's

I have been trying to roll my R’s for awhile now. Most of the single R’s are easy (except words like pero I have to repeat sometimes for my tongue to behave properly). The double R’s I was trying multiple techniques. Then I got frustrated and started messing around with purring noises and making a motor noise with my throat. I noticed that still vibrates my tongue and puts it in the right position, so I managed to isolate that by concentrating it to my tongue. I have to usually start with the throat noise though. I am hoping that changes with time and that I eventually can cut off any vibrations in my throat and make the R’s run more fluidly and sound clearer. This might be worth trying if you are having difficulties and none of the techniques online are working for you.


Let me know if that will work. I am rolling my R’s naturally because of the part of Germany I grew up. I am now living in the USA for a long time. My 11 year old daughter is desperately trying to roll her R’s and is pretty unsuccessful. I have tried for about 7 or more months on and off in helping her but it always looks like she is trying to break her mouth. So if that helps there is chance that she can learn it too.

She is eager to learn German and Mexican Spanish.

It is in fact working for me. I have a hard time at first if I haven’t rolled my tongue for awhile and have to get back into the groove with some “Ra Re Ri Ro Ru” practice as well as just rolling my R until it sounds right, but I am getting more used to it and making the correct R sound. I think the most difficult part is blending the double R into words naturally. Definitely think it is worth trying. Your tongue usually naturally rolls when making those noises and isolating it helps you be able to do it on command. All the ways they showed online did nothing for me and it was only by trying something different on my own that I successfully made it work out. I’d give it a try with your daughter and see how it turns out. Make sure she consciously is aware what is vibrating and that she cuts off the throat part and puts all the effort towards the front of the mouth. As long as she can make a purring type noise, she should be able to get it.

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