My 19 tips to learn a language faster. :)

  1. Learn the new alphabet.
    If your new language has a different alphabet or even symbols, you should learn that first. Don’t be afraid, alphabets like the Russian one can be learned very fast and it will help you to learn the pronunciation/how to write it correctly/etc. much more! So in the end you will save time.

  2. Find a native speaker.
    You should start writing and talking right away. You will have more fun, you won’t learn mistakes and keep them because someone will correct you and also get a new friend you can talk to. You can “only” talk about what’s your name or where you are from? Doesn’t matter! You want to speak a language, so start speaking it.

  3. Do it like a child.
    Learn sentences you learned as a child to remember things in your new language. For example “he, she, it the s must fit”.

  4. Talk to yourself.
    You don’t have anyone to talk to? Then talk to yourself. Talk about what you are doing or at least try to think in your new language.

  5. Surround yourself with the language you want to learn.
    That’s the fastes way to learn it. Hear music in your new language, watch TV in your new language, talk in your new language, think in your new language.
    For example I started to google in English many years ago. It was annoying at the beginning but I don’t even notice it anymore, if I’m on Google I just switch to English immediately. If I think about it later, I often think I googled in German but I haven’t.

  6. Read texts.
    That’s a good way to learn the new language if you aren’t really far yet. Blogs, lyrics, comics or even a book for children.

  7. Write.
    Doesn’t matter if you find someone on WhatsApp, write a letter or start a blog.

  8. Use websites or apps.
    You can find a language exchange partner on many apps. There is also a app called “HiNative!” which I really love. You can ask questions about the language/culture/country there and will get an answer soon. If you don’t understand something while studying, you can simply ask many native speakers there. It’s also perfect to learn stuff about the country.
    In my opinion it’s a must-have.
    And if you don’t know how to start a new language, you can test websites like Babbel or Busuu. It’s like an online course and I really liked learning with Babbel. It made many things much easier for me.

  9. Change the language.
    Change the language on your smartphone, tablet, PC to the language you want to learn. Will be quiet annoying at the beginning. Haha ^^

  10. Listen.
    Listen to radios or audio books.

  11. Try to use all your senses.
    If you read something, read it out loud. If you listen to a new song, sing it.

  12. Find out which type you are.
    There are tests all over the internet, which tell you if you learn better with audio, while seeing something, writing it, etc.
    It will get a lot more easier if you find out which type you are.

  13. Set realistic (!) goals.
    You should set goals you can reach in a few weeks to keep your motivation. For example “I want to learn the language” is a No-Go because you will have times, where you think you don’t get any further.
    “I want to learn 10 words everyday for the whole month” is something you can reach much faster and you will see results.

  14. Reward yourself.
    After you reached your realistic (!) goal, you should reward yourself. For example: new books, cinema, special food from “your new country”, etc.

  15. Your progress is important.
    Write down what you reached so far, to keep on track. That’s a good way to keep your motivation.

  16. Get connected to your new language.
    Look up what’s popular in the country you are interested in and check it out. It doesn’t matter if it’s some Makeup stuff, special websites, a new show or whatever. Maybe you will find something that motivates you. For example VK for Russian learners. It’s like Facebook.

  17. Visit the country.

  18. Five minutes are better than nothing. Don’t give up.
    You don’t want to study many hours per day? That’s fine and it’s also fine if you just study 20 minutes per day. You don’t need to study one hour or more every single day. If you have a bad day study 10 minutes. It’s better than nothing and you won’t get into this “I have to do this, but I don’t want to, I should just give up this is going nowhere”. Don’t give up just because there are bad days, just study a few minutes per day and it will get better soon. Don’t throw away all the work you put in so far.

  19. Use your time.
    You don’t have much time? Get some vocab cards and study while waiting for the bus, waiting for the doctor, having some time at school because the teacher is late. There are many options and chances you can take.
    So why waste your time senseless if you can also learn a new word?
    You maybe learn the language slower than others, but in the end you learn it.


@memrisesupport - can we make this a wiki or solution?

I learn Latin and Ancient Greek, and it’s dead :'D
Also they don’t have much modern words and dictionaries are quite limited.