Music Notes 1: Intervals&Scales


I am a huge fan of the courses on mucic notes, scores, intervals and chords, since I am re-learning to play the piano and newly learning to play jazz. One of them is developed by @-A-nasty. Anotherone is by @Jessicaf.

Now I have a question. The courses are really good, but they could be improved by a very simple thing: by adding the goal of each exercise on each card/mem. The information is in the course headline or headlines of subsections, but it will not be displayed during quizz. Sometimes Memrise gives you a scale and asks which note is the right one… But it doesn’t make explicit if you are looking for the 2nd or the 5th etc. So you will not be able to find the right note.

Through this post, I hope to find the authors of these courses, because I would be happy to help to do the legwork to fill out each card with the additional info, so that memrise displays it, during the quizz mode. Or is there any other way to contact them?


I’ve noticed the quizzes to be confusing as well. Since there seems to be no way to contact the creators, I’m creating a similar course, with your suggestions incorporated.