Music listening and learning on Memrise / sound volume bug

It kind of annoys me that when i want to listen to music and learn at the same time the music always has a lower volume so i turn it higher, but when i open my control center, notification center, or just close out of the app, the music gets insanely loud. and the allow music function doesnt help. could this be fixed?


Hi, this was implemented to allow audio within the course to be heard. The background music will be sightly reduced when inside a learning session, regardless whether or not there is audio inside the course.

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Is there any chance a choice on the user end could be implemented? Just a “Lower music volume” slider or something similar. I have the same problem. When I learn on the train I switch off when having to change trains and get the volume spike every time which is inconvenient at best and hurts at worst.


I do agree with the comments above. There should be an option for the user to control if he or she wants the music to be damped or cut altogether, or to continue playing uninterrupted. Many times I avoid using Memrise for the simple reason I want to continue listening to music at the same volume it was before.

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I’m willing to accept that this is intended behavior as of now but it would be really nice if I was trusted to be able to decide the volume of my own music while studying.

As it stands, if I use the iOS app and turn the volume up so I can hear my music (I don’t care about course audio) then it just winds up blasting my ears out when I stop studying. Not the best user experience.

The current solution is to use a whole separate device to listen to music while studying which is pretty silly if you think about it. Not sure why in-course audio is so sacred that it gets to override everything else.

edit: Also of note is that I am able to disable sound, audio tests, and sound effects completely in the app itself, then “enable music whilst learning” and for some inexplicable reason my volume control is still commandeered by memrise despite all of the in-app audio features being disabled.

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Same here.

Is there anything to do ? Or anyone to contact at memrise?
They don’t seem to care. I see no answers from them …
Not the best customer service experience

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Years later I am here to agree with no fix to be found:(