Multiple levels are missing from the Japanese courses

I am using web site from the PC. Japanese 0 supposedly should have 7 levels but only 5 are displayed (levels 2 and 4 are missing). Japanese 1 supposedly should have 17 levels but only 10 are displayed (2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 14 are missinng). Just to be sure I’ve checked and some levels in Korean 1 and 2 and in Italian 1 and 2 are also missing, but I do not intend to study these languages so I am asking it here. What’s going on? Are these levels only availiable for people with subscriptions? Were they recently removed?

Hi @shinatama1 :slight_smile:

This subject has been explained in another topic. I put the link below:

This is a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed. You can follow the subject through the link:

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If you understand the situation, than what would be more likely after they fix it - that we’ll get new levels in the courses which now exist but are unaccessible, or we woould end up with same levels/vocabularies but now numbered sequentially (so current level 3 becomes level 2 etc ewtc).

I think the web version will also have grammar mode, which will appear at the same levels as in the app, that is, at the levels that are currently missing.

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I do not intend to use th app, so are you saying that now app has more content that the web courses?
If I understood you correctly most probable result of a bugfixing is “more content for the web” not just rearranging of existing content, right?

And you probably cannot say for sure, but given the past history how long fixing that problem would probably take - a month, half a year, or nobody knows? I am sorry if I am asking too many questions but right now they are running a promotion on yearly subscription and knowing such information is important to know to decide whether to take it or not.

I’ve never used the app, so I do not know how grammar mode works. It is an additional feature that is being implemented in the new courses. In official Japanese courses, grammar mode exists in new courses 0, 1 and 2 (for the moment only in the app), which were implemented at the end of last year.

But I do not know when grammar mode will be implemented in web version. I have two links from the KanaTsumoto (Japanese Specialist at Memrise) who gave these answers:

  1. Feb 28
  1. Apr 23
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