Multiple course review mash-up

Hello! First time post. I’m using Memrise to further my German studies and have also begun Russian, for my sins.

What I would find useful is a way to merge all words/concepts from all open courses, finished and unfinished ready for review (i.e. they show up when the blue button is pushed) into one super-review session.

I’m finding that I tend to neglect review from courses that I’ve finished and only focus on those I need to maintain my daily streaks. A hodge-podged ‘meta-review’ would prevent me from doing that.

Is that possible?

Thanks, danke, спасибо,


Hi Steve,

on the web portal in the top right corner you can apply a filter.

Usually you selected the option “With goal set” or scrolling for courses you have added recently “Recently learned” in the combo box.

If you apply the filter to “By category: German”, a blue watering review button will be added left to the combo box field.

The counting number is the words count of all outstanding words in the backlog across all courses, filtered by the German language.

However, the big problem is, that in the test screens not any information is put in from what course the current word/question is pulled from.

Courses containing errors, missing alternative translitons will be hard to review in this way, especially if you might be using CoolJingle’s script “all typing” which turn’s off multiple-choice exercises, even for the offical 1-7 Memrise courses and questions containing >15 character word phrases/sentences.

This is one of the reasons, why I try to stick to review course by course, where I might be able to handle errors and missing alternative answers a little bit better.
And reviewing PER COURSE also gives you the power to write errors down and suggest alternative adds.
But you need to know what course you are talking about and what question/word is coming from what course.

I can’t believe it is that hard for a Memrise programmer to add this little information, when they mix vocabulary across several courses with the global review button…dunno why they do not improve it.
Until it is not fixed, I am not going to use it (especially with the found and not fixed problems across all my Portuguese courses).


Ahha, thanks Thomas! To be honest, just being able to combine German into one mass is a massive improvement. Shame there’s no global review for all outstanding material, but I can make do for now.



I’m bumping this because I’ve use memrise for years and just recently learned this feature.

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