Multiple choice questions are all correct

I’m learning Spanish and I came across two words. Both of which all answers were correct.!
I’m learning from Dutch if that helps anything.


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hoi @bncammeraat,

Bij problemen met een cursus is het handig om te vermelden welke cursus je precies bedoeld. In dit geval Spaans 1.

Voor de officiële Spaanse cursussen vanuit het Nederlands kun je problemen en vragen hier posten:

(alhoewel dat topic eigenlijk op de verkeerde plek in het forum staat)

I experienced this problem when creating one of my first courses many, many years ago.

It usually happens when there are too few choices for the alternatives for the system to choose from.

I also think there is another situation in which this can happen but can’t remember at the moment.

As stated above - can you post a link to the course, please.

Thanks for reporting this. If you (or anyone else) is experiencing this issue on other courses / items, please provide:

  • Course link
  • Screenshot
  • Username


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