Can there be a form of competition on Memrise other than the leaderboards? Like doing a 1v1, 2v2 or like 10v10. I’d figure it would encourage us to do better due to the exciting competition.

a really good idea but… i don’t think it will make sense some people can make 1 mil points from doing only 500 words…

I love this idea.

The likelihood of mods seeing this and making it a reality is slim and none but you my friend, have come up with an awesome idea. Certainly something to think about. How could someone build such a system independent of memrise? There is a lot to think about there but the idea is excellent.

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Thank you. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and very much want it to be a reality. I’d figure it would influence more people to be active and just more competition.

If you know any programmers or anyone with those kind of skills for building apps/programs, maybe you could solidify the idea in wrting with thoughts on the structure and interaction and then get them to do you a favour and build an app with this capability. Like you, I am an ideas guy, no app building skills but if you thought long enough about it, one could work out how to make it a reality.

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