Multilingual courses

I was thinking about both the official courses and the user-created ones, and about the possibility to “quickly” make a course multilingual by enabling users to choose the second column and adding a Translator role (basically another type of contributor).

There are hundreds of really useful courses on Memrise and many are inaccessible for people who do not speak the language the course is in (like English in Japanese for English speakers).

How about enabling course creators to create selectable columns in their courses, so that learners can choose the language of instruction, or some other alternate content?

As a creator:

  1. create a course and a database
  2. after finishing the course, add more columns with either:
  • alternate spelling,
  • other language translations, or
  • images instead of words
  1. add a translator-contributor to the course, so that someone trusted can help you translate or add pictures, etc.
  2. reach more users

As a learner, one could:
• find a seemingly good course
• make learning easier by choosing e.g. one’s native language (if available)
• not struggle with alternate spelling (like optional diacritics), just because Alts are not working on some devices
• pick the preferred form of testing

What do you think?

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Hello @Orondil, these are very good ideas :blush: I think that Memrise should add some of these :+1:

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