Moving learning sessions to

We’re moving learning sessions to a new home -

The only change you will see is that your browser will say at the top instead of when you are doing anything you need to be logged in for. It’s exactly the same software and data so everything will work the same. You don’t even have to remember to go to the new home either - you’ll be smoothly redirected there.

We’re making this change so that next month we can switch to host a new, faster static website, which will describe what Memrise does better for new users. This will be maintained by our marketing department, meaning the web team can have our attention entirely on improving the product.

The final switch to will be in one week’s time, on 4th August 2020.

On that day, you will need to log in again on, if you haven’t already. To make up for this one time need to log in again, we’ve already changed it so logins last for 1 year rather than 2 months - so overall that should be less logging in.

Meanwhile, you can switch to and start using now.

Please give it a go, and let us know if anything doesn’t work, or if you have any questions.

Web team


a bit confused here, will the stay with us “forever”, or it will disappear after you migrate the to a new site? (i am askinb because i want to know if I have to adapt my userstyles to this new address)

many thanks

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Yes, we’re effectively splitting the current website into two.

All the parts you use when you’re logged in - the learning sessions, dashboard, course editor etc - are permanently moving to and staying exactly as they are.

The remaining pure content parts - the home page, pages describing Memrise courses, the contact page, the about page and so on will stay on, but we will be completely updating them in a month or two.

(There is one confusing exception to the above - the pages describing community generated courses will stay as they are, and will be on even when you’re logged out, e.g. for Google search results)


I think I am more confused now - I’ll have to investigate and be flexible.

If I understand it correctly, all functions for Community courses will be on the new web-site.


Just to let you know that this migration is now happening, so you will soon find your learning is on

We made changes so most users won’t even have to log in again.

Please let us know if something doesn’t work! It should be smooth - thanks to everyone who tried out over the last week.


Hi Francis,

I tried it last week and again today. The only ‘grumble’ I have so far is that I haven’t worked out yet how to get userscripts to work. .


User scripts will need their domain name updating to point to!


Yes. Got it now. Thanks!

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Does the creator of the user scripts have to change the domain name?, or is there anyway I can do it myself for my extensions that I use?

If so, how? :thinking:

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I just did it right now. Open Tampermonkey dashboard, then open each userscript and look for (Ctrl+F) “”. Then change to It’s on the top part of the script, it should look like this:

// @match*/garden/*
// @match*

Thank you. :+1:

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Thanks Kaimi for explaining how to update them!


Sorry folks! I should have added a “How to …” but had to go out! Basically, for the “All Typing Script”, I only needed to change “www” to “app” in two lines at the head of the script and then ‘save’ the changes by clicking on “File” and then “Save”.

Thanks, Kaimi!


i’ve done that, still not working, i see the old bloated page that enraged me - and continues to do so - since it came around (i am using solely the web, do not need streak, clock, huuuuge tabs, coz i learn lots of courses

are there any other changes made to the UI? i do not know what to do to make the scripts work… :scream: :sob:


edit: @kaimi, i’ve done now somehow, with stylus, don’t even know how i’ve made it! i had previously replaced everything, but ubuntu is still tricky soemtimes

thanks @frabcus_memrise, i somehow solved it

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Glad you got it working! Thanks for your patience updating it!


Can we toggle off the number of difficult words for review underneath courses? I don’t have access to Pro, and seeing that number is an eyesore and confusing.

You can block and hide anything from a webpage with the uBlock Origin extension. Right click on page, block element, and choose what you want to block. Very useful.

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I’ve attempted the fix on my userscripts and nothing changed.

I’ve edited and saved the new user scripts. No dice.

You should delete “www.” part. There’s no “www” in the domain name (