More Than One Correct Answer

I LOVE Memrise, and I find that I retain vocab and phrases with Memrise more easily than I do using other programs; however, I’m experiencing some frustration in one area. Memrise won’t allow multiple correct answers. For example, things are marked wrong based on whether “the” is included or not, and it seems to be random. I got “El Sabado” incorrect because the app wanted “Sabado,” yet I’ve gotten other words marked wrong for omitting articles. Similarly, I’ve had “feliz” marked wrong for “happy,” because the target word was “contento,” yet both are right. This results in extra practice on items that I already know, and I have plenty of things I don’t know that I’d like to spend my review/practice time on. I’m wondering if this might be adjusted so that Memrise will at least acknowledge several potential correct answers, perhaps with a “We were looking for a different word for…” instead of marking it wrong and providing unnecessary drill. Other than this, I’m loving the program, especially the “Learn with Native Speakers” option. Thank You!