More Mandarin courses

hi! I LOVE Memrise, thank you!! I was wondering if there are any plans for new, more Mandarin courses? (currently available are Mandarin 1,2 and 3). Thanks !

While Memrise’s official courses are (from what I’ve seen until today) always divided into (and limited to) seven courses. Since you’re right in pointing out that there seem to be only 3 for Mandarin, other parts might be in the works. Can you share any insight, @MemriseSupport?

FWIW, while there aren’t more official courses, why don’t you start learning one of the (host of) community courses? Here’s a search for Mandarin courses:

Just wanted to bump this. I noticed Memrise added extra Korean courses (4-7) so I was wondering if there were any official plans for a Mandarin 4-7.