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It has been a while since the layout update of Memrise but the colors of the monthly learning graph still are very very unconventional. Will this change to a similar scheme as before? Where a darker color means you’ve learned more and a lighter color less. Having 2 colors for the active days is not very informative especially if these colors seem to be at random.


Technically this only applies to MemRise and not Decks as currently there is no monthly learning graph in Decks.

Is that intentional or an oversight? @MemriseSupport & PS Cc @kevin5284 + @MemriseMatty

Should we move or copy this post to MemRise bugs?

I find it confusing that a “no learning today” is pale blue and a “learned a lot” is dark blue.

IMHO perhaps a pale red or peach for no learning in current day would signal a warning.

One could mistake a “'did I learn lots this morning?” with “I haven’t learnt anything today” at a quick glance.

That’s true, or maybe just white would be fine like before.
I sometimes also seem to be getting yellow when I have studied. I don’t know what it means just that it is not related to how much I studied.
The learning graph was first an actual graph with useful information. Now it is just a calendar with random markings.

Hi @970817j

Have you clicked on “more” below the month’s chart?

And keep scrolling down. There’s lots of information.

But it only applies to MemRise, so once community courses are only on Decks, we will loose this statistical analysis.

Click for full image

maybe just white would be fine like before.

I think the reason it’s not white is to draw one’s attention to “today” compared to the rest of the month.

Yes, I know this exists and I would like to see these colors back into the monthly learning graph on my dashboard.

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It’s not only colours, but also incorrect colours. Sometimes days with a high word count (above 700 or something) could be yellow and days with a low count marked blue. It’s been this way since the first day of redesign.


I noticed that too. :slightly_frowning_face:

The good point is, is that it is normally proportional to what one has learned during the month.
On months of low activity 50 is yellow but 150 is blue.

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Ironically the month is the last 4 or 5 weeks,
But the league tables (course or leader board of those one follows) are calendar months.

I have argued (many times elsewhere) that the last month on courses should be a rolling (last) 4 weeks.
And the last week should be the last 7 days not reset every Sunday or Monday.

This would be far more interesting and beneficial to those learning and course creators.

Cc @MemriseSupport


This could be the case, but then 300-400 words shouldn’t be yellow and this is what happens.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that “Your learning time” stats is not correct. Usually it indicates less spent time than it really is. Like, in last 24h it’s been about 12m, and my phone data says about an hour.

I think maybe the colors indicate if you have been learning more from Memrise courses or Decks courses. But honestly, I have no clue as there is no explanation anywhere about this feature. But ya, it seems like it’s random if you look at the numbers.

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That makes 100% sense to me too.

I wish Memrise would be able to consider this kind of suggestions more - it’s not a big feature request, just a slightly different formula.

There are many ‘small’ feature requests that aren’t requiring loads of new functionality, but they would be make studying at memrise more fun and more effective, such as: turn off the timer (if we can do it with a script, certainly Memrise can do it); having all game button at each level (on the web); more spacing for foreign scripts (web); keeping on doubling the max interval (now 180 days) or at least increase 3 levels more. Especially the last one really impacts learning for very long-term retention and review. Well, I am getting off-topic. Back the the main point: last week, last month should be rolling indeed.

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@MemriseSupport - I like the new green colours for the ‘monthly’ learning graph but have these observations:

1) The ‘month’ is not a calendar month - and you are actually following my request for at least the last 4 weeks (> see post above <), but you have not used this system on individual courses yet. (It would be great if you redefined week and month as above.)


2) The colours are still Blue on the Annual chart (reached when clicking more).

3) You don’t provide a monthly or annual chart on Decks. Would you consider adding that please?

It appears that new colour scheme for stats has been represented on home page this morning. Guys, it’s awful, like it’s been designed specifically for colour-blind people who won’t notice anything.

This green, blue and whitish-green are almost indistinguishable from each other. There’s nothing intuitive, moreover, if you want this scheme to make sense, you should strain your eyes looking at these colours.

@lurkmoophy , @kevin5284 Could you think of something more balanced?


Hi I noticed the change today but mine is all shades of green.

See > Monthly learning graph <

Hi man, the case is they’ve changed colours after my comment.

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Yes more logical all green now.

Like this:

Nice! I was on vacation and haven’t been able to check it out myself, but it looks good now!

Thanks - I didn’t know what missed days looked like :wink:

> Mine is 7 posts above.<

Hey! That’s great feedback.

so far I can tell you on 2 Annual graph colours coming very soon

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