[MONDLY] The Mondly website is back and added a new topic Bank

Hello all,

UPDATE Thursday 18 April 2019:
The Mondly website is back: [MONDLY] The Mondly website is back and added a new topic Bank

I need to place a big warning to Mondly users with longer streaks.

Their www.mondly.com / app.mondly.com web portal stopped working for me yesterday 12/12/2018 around 23:45pm when I last tried.

I have written their support team an e-mail and appended the screenshot.

I am using Firefox V52.9.0esr and it definitely was working before on 12/11/2018 23:45-00:00am and 12/12/2018 00:00-00:15am.

Sorry that I could not warn anybody of you 2-3 hours before (I didn’t check) and that some computer owners of you have probably already lost their longer Mondly course streak :frowning:

Es tut mir wirklich leid dass ich aus privaten Gründen nicht schon vorher Alarm schlagen konnte…habe es wirklich viel zu spät gesehen.

If you were lucky because you saved your streak in the night or during the day before, well, congrats!

If not, please make sure that you reach your required streak points today 12/13/2018 much earlier (not 10-15 minutes before midnight!!!) by using the mobile apps (IOS/Android) or with the help of an Android emulator software (e.g KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu, etc.) on a PC!!

I will double check the issue with my Firefox V52.9.0esr on a 2nd computer where I maybe have luck to upgrade to one of the later versions,…but I don’t usually use it as its not a Laptop.

To me, the login screenshot from the loading screenshot looks like, that developers may have kicked the web portal and do not offer anymore a browser based learning solution.

Let’s hope this is not the case and that support will write me back.

Yes, I have already re-started my Firefox browser and it is the same issue without any errors or warnings in the browser console!

And no, nothing is written on Facebook, their Blog and I also have not received any e-mail warning beforehand!

Please feel free to move this thread if there may be a better place than the general discussion forum…if staff feels like this should not be placed about a 3rd party learning application on their community forum then I could understand that you have to delete this post.

Best regards / Viele GrĂĽĂźe

how is this in any way related to memrise

Sorry to interrupt. But this is the Memrise forum. Not the “mondly”. Not being rude, but please post it where it is relevant.

Hi MarshallLanguages,

then maybe you have a better suggestion for me to what sub-forum to move this thread to?

It would be quite helpful for me!

Several users from Duolingo and Memrise use parallel resources, so was trying to find a way how to WARN long-streak holders quickly and how to reach a bigger target group easily.

There simply is no access to a Mondly forum to warn any Duolingo/Memrise users who also use Mondly.

Neither do I have a Reddit account.
Neither do I want to create a Facebook account.


I accept that you both want to complain.

Well, it says Memrise community forum.
Just like Duolingo discussion forums where a big community shares their knowledge and experiences.

FYI: I also have placed this thread on the Duolingo forum before: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29990410

I am just trying to find a sub-forum which is OK to place this into…off-topic is fine for me if a moderator may wants to move it.

Sorry, but it is only related to those Duolingo/Memrise users who also use Mondly in parallel AND have a longer streak.
There are definitely users with 365 or even 600+ streaks!
So somebody might actually care if they lose it and be thankful to read my warning?!

If you both do not use Mondly in parallel, please just ignore this thread.

For sure not EVERY thread on this community forum needs to be read in full depth!
Is every thread 1000% only related to Memrise?
Q: Can’t you just jump over this thread if it is not 100% related to you?

Once again…a movement to “off-topic / 3rd / other language learning software” or something like this is fine for me…but please note that I wrote this thread under high pressure and I did choose “General discussion” because “Learning central” seemed not to fit any better.

All the other sub-forums or groupings are even related much more to Memrise alone or languages or bug reports…so it does not fit either.


I never said I don’t WANT it here. Yes, it may help users. But wouldn’t it be easier if they could post it on something SPECIFICALLY meant for it. Like I said, i don’t mind if it’s here just asking if there could be a more convenient place for it. That’s all. :slight_smile: It’s welcome to stay though.

just go to r/mondly.
use an anonymous account if you don’t want to make a reddit account
i appreciate you warning the community tho

I have made Mondly a tag. And moved it Off-Topic. That ok?
Also. The solution could be…

  1. It’s a glitch. Or…
  2. They may have stopped the website?
    This info may be inaccurate as I have never used Mondly. Just presuming.
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I have re-tested on a different Win7 (64-bit) computer where I usually have no access to.

The problem of the missing tree on the web portal stays with:

  • latest Quantum Firefox V64.0 and 63.0.x (64-bit)
  • latest Google Chrome V71.x 64-bit browser (fresh install from today)

It is not only related to Firefox V52.9.0esr (32-bit)!

However, with the other browsers I first got the login web screen from the top right menu bar as no session data / cookie was stored so the system did not know me on the other computer.

I get again the same screen from above to use the mobile apps, no Mondly tree!

I sent another e-mail to their support.

Thanks for your tip Toby,

another user finally did it.

This is the first post about this issue on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mondly/comments/a5q2aa/what_happened_to_the_website/

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sorry to interrupt. But this is the memrise forum, where memrise users discuss anything related with their learning of certain topics.

with all due respect, but since certain people seized ( ambushed, took over, etc) these fora, all interesting people and discussion vanished into thin air.

Sorry to interrupt, but this was really a nice, animated forum… long time ago… es war einmal Memrise, und memrise hatte so einen… loooong ago, once upon a time, there was…

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Ioana from support replied back when I whitelisted all Google.com MTA server subdomains.

Quote: “We’re re-designing our website so for the moment, it would be advisable to use the mobile app. I deeply apologize for this issue.”

Looks like I am back to KOPlayer Android emulator and at least 1-2 startup crashes on my older system…takes quite some of the RAM which I do not have too much on this system (2nd RAM module seems to be defective) :wink:

I also gave my best to make several suggestions how they could do the redesign/re-engineering on a 3rd developer system and deploying it later on a 2nd testing system.

I asked Ioana to forward my questions and suggestions to the leads and backend / 3rd level experts.

As an IT guy (IBM/Oracle Middleware application server, Oracle databases, Java (JEE) backend development, Linux VOIP stuff,…) I simply don’t understand why a production system needs to be taken offline to continue with the development / frontend redesign (usually this is done in IT in only a few minutes or hours with the least downtime).

I just can hope that their team is open to answer at least some of my questions and suggestions.

Not a too long time ago they told me that they had to intermittently take down the “55 conversion modules” (in the many skills/topics of the Mondly tree) because they are currently reworking the native audio recordings.

Sorry guys and girl, I did my best to convince.

Back to getting KOPlayer running again :wink:


Mondly Website / tested: Thursday 18 April 2019 (GMT+1)

What a nice surprise. Was fĂĽr eine nette Ăśberraschung.

The Mondly www.mondly.com website (Redirect to https://app.mondly.com/home) is back.

I will try some lessons in 2-3 different browsers and versions during the following day(s).
Thankfully it still works on the older Firefox V52.9.0esr version (I do not see any conversation modules); I completed a lesson in the “Fun” topic and tried a daily (free) 365 day lesson.

Die Mondly Website ist zurĂĽck und kann wieder aufgerufen werden.
Lessons werde ich in 2-3 Browser Versionen im Laufe des Tages mal versuchen.
Die Firefox V52.9.0esr wird zum GlĂĽck weiterhin unterstĂĽtzt (die Unterhaltungs Lesson sehe ich leider immernoch nicht; es mĂĽĂźten dann 8 statt 7 Lessons angezeigt werden).

Best regards / Viele GrĂĽĂźe