Modern Hebrew Complete pronunciation issues

I’m pretty sure there’s a mistake with proununciation of food (אוכל). According to forvo it is pronounced okhel, with accent on ‘o’ while the recording on memrise is okel with accent on e. It is such a basic word, how come it is pronounced incorrectly? And what could be done about it?

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In Lesson 8, the word for “beef” is not pronounced correctly. The first word is missing it’s first syllable.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pronunciation mistakes in this course. There are grammar and spelling mistakes, too. It’s really frustrating. I don’t know if it’s possible to contact the author of the course.

did you try? none of you posted a link to the course; also, the creator should have been tagged, like this @…, if the nick does not turn grey, then ask (nicely) a mod to contact him/her

I did some looking around and apparently, the author of that course is no longer active on memrise, and the mods are looking for someone interested in maintaining that course. I am not a Hebrew native speaker, so I don’t really qualify. Too bad, because the course is quite good, but because of the many small mistakes it can be tricky, because I don’t know if I am learning correctly or not.

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