Mnemonic spammer

Hello fellow Memrisers. There has been this account under the pseudonym “miaoshengguang”. Particularly on the Arabic courses, he posts very unhelpful mnemonics that are either:

1: Pictures of the translation without any helpful text.
2: Some Chinese writing which is unhelpful as this course is for English speakers.

Please send this to a member of staff to delete these mnemonics and send a warning to Miaosh, thank you!

It only lets me upload 1 picture per post. So here is his account.

How do you know they aren’t helpful to that person?


I’ve looked through some of their mems and I don’t see anything wrong with them.

Mems are personal. If you don’t benefit from a particular mem, the only thing you can do is to ignore it.


How are they useless. I think the picture “this is an emergency” is very helpful to visual people like me. What is the saying? Oh yeah, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”.


Hi @MahirIslam

Not all who are taking courses for English speakers are English natives. For example I study majority of languages through English and I’d do my mems in my mother tongue also. I actually like very much mems with pics, because they are international.

If you don’t like a mem just move on. Make a better one, just for you

Happy learning!

PS! That’s why I’m against mem ratings because some would think that useful mems are spam if they don’t understand them


the OP is missing the option of _I don’t want to see this mem" - remove them for their own “mems flow”

btw, I find that mems with only pictures are not “usefull”; i don’t find useful at all the first mem above in the image, and rather quite close to “spam”

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I am a course contributor for a four-part Swedish-English course (8,000 Most Common Swedish Words) and there are many many people who use this course whose first language isn’t English. There are mems in Arabic, in Hebrew, Chinese and an Eritrean language on this course. I haven’t flagged or deleted ANY of them.

What’s more, there are also many people who emigrate to Sweden whose first language isn’t English, but might have a relatively good knowledge of English. This course being available in English might be very helpful to non-native speakers of English whose native language is not a very common one. And they might really welcome mems being available in their native language!

Seeing as Swedish is not a super-popular language, I think it is not my job to eliminate mems just because I personally don’t understand them. They might be understood by other people and be very helpful to them.

Mems are a personal subjective thing: what works for one person might not work for me, but that doesn’t mean it is not super-helpful to someone else.

Why not be happy that someone who speaks Chinese is trying to learn Arabic? It’s not their fault if your course happens to be the one that looks best to them.

Some people use learning a new language via a second language as a particular strategy to boost and solidify their knowledge of both the new language and their stronger second language.

I think there is nothing wrong whatsoever in allowing Chinese mems on an Arabic course. English is an international language and native speakers of English don’t “own” it.


for me, english is second language. For example, there is a course of kanji. Sometimes, character’s name is sophisticated word in english which I see first time in my life. It’s difficult for me to remember it that way. But, often, it’s easy in my language, because of rhythm or wordplay. So, I do memes with my language and it definitely IS helpful. I think is really good, when I can see memes from other people, because, if I can’t memorize something, it’s gives me another look on this. And gives me motivation, because I know, if someone was able to learn it, I can do it as well :slight_smile: