Miwok : Native American Languages

Hi there. I have been using Memrise for a while . Both using and creating MEMS . For our Miwok : Native American Languages we are incorporating offline- and online content. Love to see how other tribes use Memrise in the language curriculum they have for their tribes.

Oh by the way. We have Miwok as a language in Memrise. But within that, we have 5 different dialects of Miwok that we commonly work with. (Grandfathers dialect may be different than the Grandmothers dialect). But all good on the rez here.

We have it in Plains Miwok, Northern Sierra Miwok, Central Miwok, and Coastal Miwok… slowly doing Southern Sierra Miwok as well.

Hey, I’ve been using your course to help teach my children Miwok. I just wanted to let you know there’s several places where the pronunciation doesn’t match what’s written. I’ve also been trying to teach them central first and branch off into the other dialects so I was thinking it’d be cool if you could add the dialect with the English translation ex. (N.S.)(S.S)(C.S.) or something of the likes. I know a good amount but I have issues forming new words and phrases, is if it’s possible for you to add some mems more centraled around forming words and things like that but that’d be very helpful.

Thanks for reading!