Mistaken option answer letters

When I have to write the word I heard, I have strange options but none is the right letters. How do I change the options to show the right letters or the full keyboard?

I think this is really only meant to provide you with letters that otherwise wouldn’t show up on your keyboard. Like, in this case, the accented letters and stuff like œ and the such.
That is, the letters shown aren’t meant to represent the whole keyboard but rather only “unusual” or hard to get to characters.
In the apps the behaviour differs - there you’ll get all the letters required to spell out the word in question. Some people dislike this though as it often gives away the answer.

If you do favor the web application over the Android/iOS apps and you’d rather type on the screen, I recommend using the on-screen keyboard. Provided you are running Windows, just hit the Start button and type “on-”, this should filter the list down to the “on-screen keyboard”. If you install the language pack for whatever language you’re learning (like French), you can switch between input languages (and thus the matching keyboard layout) and thus use the on-screen keyboard. If you do so, take a look at the far right of the on-screen keyboard where you’ll find buttons for options and docking which might make it a little more comfortable for you.

Thank you very much
A great help