Mistake in Russian for English learner

In the first lesson; I like apples is translated by мне нравиться яблоки
Isn’t it: мне нравяться яблоки? because apples is the subject here, right ?
Thanks in advance for your help

I can’t answer your question about the Russian, but I should point out that “I” is the subject of the sentence. “Apples” is the object (i.e., not the subject)

If I’m not completely mistaken, Russian is like Spanish where you don’t like something, but something is appealing/likable to you. So in this case “Apples” is the subject.

Hi Reflyon,
you are right, the verb should be in 3d person plural form here, not singular. The correct translation would be “Мне нравятся яблоки”, not “нравиться“ (infinitive”) or “нравяться” (technically not a word, a common mistake in written Russian).
But it would be nice if you provided a link to the course itself, maybe there is already a special thread for it on the forum

It may sound strange, but Russian school grammar specifically emphacizes the difference between “grammatical subject” and “logical subject” for sentences like this. So you and @leuan_ab_Arthur are both right. Here is an explanation, for example

Hi @reflyon

Could you please specify what course are you learning - Russian for US or UK English? Also, is it an official Memrise course? Thank you.

It is the official memrise Russian for US.

HI @reflyon,
In Russian course 1 Level 6 for US English, we have the phrase “мне не нравятся яблоки” (I don’t like apples) which is correct. I would suggest you update the app and sign out and in again. If you see “мне нравиться яблоки”, please send me a screenshot at pavel@memrise.com. Thank you and happy learning!