Mistake in Russian 6?

Hi, in Russian 6 there ist the Russian sentence:
эта игрушка не моего сына
das Spielzeug da ist gehört meinem Sohn
I think it is wrong!
эта игрушка не моего сына = gehört nicht meinem Sohn

You don’t have to make a new thread. Post your comments and questions on course forums, then memrise language specialists can look into it and make corrections (if needed) much sooner

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Hi. This is obviously a mistake. We will look into it and correct. Thanks

I found another mistake in Russian 6.2.
English version says: This was my top choice as well.
Russian version says: Это также был мой главный выбор.
But I’m quite sure the instrumental case should be used instead. Also, I’m not convinced about the use of ‘также’ in this case. Would this not sound more natural? Это было и моим главным выбором.