Mistake in Polish 1

Hello, I just wanted to check that there might be a mistake on the Polish course 1…
I am learning Polish because my partner is polish and have been using your course. He pointed out as he heard me on the app that … the app is pronouncing “I am from Scotland” as “jestem w Szkocji” whereas it should be pronounced “Ze” as it is written. The writing and the pronunciation do not match and in fact means something slightly different that “I am in Scotland”.

Thought I would bring his to your attention as I’m a big fan of the App :slight_smile: please let me know if my boyfriend is being stupid and incorrect but I guess he’s a native so thought I’d double check.

Thanks for the great app
Hope to hear back from you soon


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The problem also exists for the sound bight for “I am from Ireland” and "I am from Northern Ireland’ both use w instead of z (jestem w Irlandii instead of jestem z Irlandii)
Also the sound bights using the word "menu’ appears to be saying the plural ‘menii’ instead of the singular for the English text supplied.