Mistake in "Learn English Irregular Verbs" by @easyacademy

@EasyAcademy, I think there is a bug in the Level 40: Irregular Verbs: Practice XI of the “Learn English Irregular Verbs” course:

Your answer is:

He believes in non-violence, so he has never lain a finger on anyone

Where it seems to be:

He believes in non-violence, so he has never laid a finger on anyone


That’s good that you report them. I’m too lazy to do that lol! Nevertheless, Memrise has been of great help for my niece to learn English at her age. She is just nine and it’s impressive on how fast she picks up new words and expressions. It’s really helpful indeed to have kids learn with pictures and the better she gets the easier it will be for her to start practicing more on some adjectives worksheets that I have found online. It’s always better to have them advance their writing and grammar skills at the same time. Memory retention is proven to be much easier when we write things down.

Thanks for sharing this. I never undertood it in the app.