Mistake in Japanese 2, level 6

In the phrase 一万円くらいです the english translation says “it’s about ONE thousand yen” when it should be “it’s about TEN thousand yen.”

Hi @Tom_is_Wise :slight_smile:

For questions about Japanese Course by Memrise, there is an official forum: [Course Forum] Japanese 1-7 by Memrise
KanaTsumoto is the Japanese Language Specialist at Memrise.

@KanaTsumoto, could you check this, please?

There is an issue like that (see here), but this was settled for Japanese 2 for British English speakers (level 6). And in Japanese 2 for American English speakers (level 6) it was not fixed.

Oh okay I’ll be sure to post to that other forum if I find another problem @Milamy

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Hi @Tom_is_Wise
I apologise for taking this long!
That is a bad mistranslation!!! I’ve just fixed it now. You’ll need to log out and log in again to see the changes. Kana