Mistake in German translation from Korean course

Hi Memrise Team,

I found a mistake in the German setence in my Korean course.

  • Wrong: es finde es zu klein
  • Must be: ich finde es zu klein
  • Korean translation (correct): 내가 생각하기에 그것은 너무 작아요

Best regards,

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Hi! what course are you talking about? a link would be nice

if this is memrise official course for german speakers here is the course forum for all the 7 courses.

Hi Atikker,
Yes, it is the standard Korean course for German speakers.
I just started using this app on my phone 1 week ago and appeared in the first 3 days. I didn’t start as absolute beginner, but forgot the exact term. I don’t know what details you need to locate the mistake.

If you put @ before username like this @benjaminblume57 that user will get email notification of your post. Otherwise they may not see that oost at all - it will go missing among others

Was it on first, second, third or 6th course of Korean for German speakers? That’s what I meant

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@Atikker Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:
It is in the 2nd Korean for German part 2 Wendungen: Bring sie zum Lachen

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