Mistake in "Basic Slovenian I" by Baas

Hi, I couldn’t find a specific forum category for this, so just posting here.

I’ve been working through this course, and have found it a good introduction to Slovene (at least to learn some vocabulary).

My girlfriend is a native speaker and spotted an error. She says that you would never use the word “tanek” to describe a person as thin, only for inanimate objects. This would be used for thickness, e.g. something is thin or thick, rather than the way a person could be thin.

For a person it would be “suh” (m), “suha” (f). Confusingly this is also used for the concept of “dry”… I guess nobody said this would be an easy language to learn.

Thanks for the course :slight_smile:

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There is also another mistake in this course. The possessive ‘njen’ is the masculine singular form and not the feminine singular form as stated in the course. The feminine form is ‘njena’.

Please read the following chart of Slovenian possessive determiners:

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovene_pronouns#Possessive_determiners

njegov brat = his brother
njegova sestra = his sister

njen brat = her brother
njena sestra = her sister

Thanks for your message.

Hey, your girlfriend is absolutely right. :grinning: Thanks for your message.

Both njen, njena and njeno is a feminine singular, the subject in all the cases is feminine singular. The form depends on the object that is owned. Njen is for object of male grammatical gender, njena for object of female grammatical gender and njeno for objects of neutral grammatical gender.