Missing tiles in tapping tests

[Sorry – I might have been mistaken about this. It could be that the exercises were asking for the definition rather than the pronunciation, and therefore the correct tiles were indeed presented.]

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If would help @MemriseSupport if you gave them a link to the course (and level).

I presume it’s one of the one of the English to Chinese courses?

Thank you for your reply.

This would have been in some early lessons in the official course “Mandarin Chinese 1” (English to Chinese). However, while doing another, community-created course, I realized that the exercises in MC1 that seemed to provide the wrong set of letter tiles might have been asking for the English definition rather than the pronunciation in Pinyin – and that it was my mistake rather than an error in the system or exercises.

Meanwhile, I have edited the OP and flagged this thread for deletion.

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Well done.

Hope you get on well with the courses.

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