Missing features for pro account after downgrading and re-upgrading

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  • Description of the issue:

Long story short, I had a pro account, downgraded back to a normal account, and then shortly after bought the lifetime subscription (it was cheap). The downgrading and re-upgrading happened back in February of this year. I realize now that I do not have access to features that pro members usually have / that I know I had just months prior.

For instance: I cannot activate beta or alpha testing via the website (Firefox build 98.0, 64-bit, linux) and I am no longer allowed to use speed review whenever I want via the app (android). Yes, I removed and downloaded the app on my phone already. It seems like I triggered a bug where the site does not fully recognize that I have a pro/lifetime account. And yes, just for clarity, my account says:

Membership status: Memrise Pro since Feb. 13, 2020
Pro expiry date: Dec. 31, 9999 (estimated time if you have paid via Google, Apple or Paypal)

Hi there, I can confirm that your Lifetime plan is currently available on thebravelittlemuon. Please ensure you’re logged in with the correct details.

Please note that Alpha and Beta have currently been disabled so they can’t be accessed. We’ll let you know on these pages when new features are in Alpha/Beta again :slightly_smiling_face:

To investigate this further, could you please confirm which course(s) this occurs with and whether the icon is locked or just greyed out? Screenshots and steps to reproduce this will be particularly helpful.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Dear @ale_c, please, give me some credit. No need to treat users as if we are five and cannot log into our own accounts.

This is occurring for all courses, including official memrise courses. As I said, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone.

No offence meant of course! This happens more often than one would imagine, so I make sure to ask, just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:

To clarify, this is because you currently have no items ready to be reviewed in Dutch 3 (as well as on other courses). In this case, no review modes will appear on your Home page. This is expected.

Speed Review and other review modes should still appear on your Home page on courses where you do have items ready to be reviewed now.

On all courses, you can also still practice your words - regardless of whether they’re ready to be reviewed or not - by going to the Learn tab, tapping the button with the grid of dots at the bottom of the screen, and selecting Speed review.

Once again, please rest assured that your Lifetime plan has been activated correctly.

I hope this clears any confusion.

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