Mi sa che English translation error

I am a native American English speaker. In my seventy years, I have never heard anyone say the phrase ‘I reckon…’ in conversation nor have I seen it in print. Perhaps translators heard it in old western movies (where I have heard cowboy actors say it). However, not even a child would utter these words in the vast majority of the United States. Yet, the translation is on Memrise and I’ve seen it elsewhere in Italian to English translations. Can’t imagine how this started. People might presume you were mocking old cowboy jargon or completely uneducated if you used that phrase.

While it might not be used in the US, that phrase is definitely being used in the UK!

Hi @ElaineBanniganSpoto6,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you please confirm if you are learning English (US) to Italian courses? If so, we’ll pass this feedback on to the team :slight_smile:

But yes, just to confirm, this phrase is very commonly used in the UK! :smile:

Best wishes,
Memrise team


Hi! Yes, American English - I did not know about UK usage. Interesting, though! Thank you!