Meu and minha

There are questions asking to translate ‘my’ into Portuguese, but 50% of the time it is ‘meu’ and 50% it is ‘minha’.

The problem is there seems to be no way of knowing which is the correct answer, other than just guessing each time and getting it wrong half the time. Am I doing something wrong?

Meu = masculine
Minha = feminine
Meu pai (my father)
Minha mãe (my mother)

Thank you for the answer which was helpful generally, but my question was about the actual course. It doesn’t specify masculine or feminine, so you have to guess each time which was the problem.

Perhaps the course could be adjusted so that it specifies ‘my (masculine)’ or ‘my (feminine)’ so that it’s possible to be correct?

@Richard_Semmens59: sorry, but your own message is not “helpful generally” - which course do you mean? also, maybe that one course you mean has a forum of its own, if not…

I thought I had selected the course in the forum, it says ‘Portuguese (Brazilian)’ at the top of my page in the forum and also says that in the emails I get.

When I click ‘Forum’ from the course details page, it just goes to the front page of the forum so I selected Brazilian Portuguese from the Language Quarters section. I don’t know how to find a different forum, it seemed like I had already gotten to the correct location.

@Richard_Semmens59 - the actual course creator or any contributors to the actual course need to be in this forum; otherwise, your comments are falling on deaf ears.

I understand your predicament with the course, but only the course creator or any contributors can fix the problem.

Individual course forums are gone. If you have a problem with a course, then you need to be able to communicate with the course creator here. If that person is not here, then that it is a problem.