Memstats / Leaderboard

Since no one protested and some were interested, here is long awaited site that will host memrise unofficial leaderboard:

Some Q&A:

Q: How do I add myself/other user to the leaderboard e.g. user: neaz333?
A: Visit and neaz333 user will be automatically added

Q: How often is the leaderboard updated?
A: It does not happen automatically or periodically. User stats get pulled from memrise servers once you click username in “Username” column, or visit page. To prevent hammering of memrise servers, user statistics will be pulled only when at least 5 minutes have passed since last update of given user.

Q: What about streaks or per course points?
A: No public memrise API is available to do this unfortunately :frowning:

enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!!! :+1:

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Wow, I’m 35th, didn’t realise I had that many points. :smiley:

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Thanks @neaz333!

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Cheers @neaz333!

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One thing I just realized is that the leaderboard only seems to contain a subset of all users, i. e. people who visited their own account, i. e.
I’m not trying to bash your efforts, but I don’t think this makes very much sense - I can definitely not be #191 on the global list! :slight_smile:

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Only 202 people, and I’m ranked 195 ;-;

Look’s like I’ve got a lot more studying to do.

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This list is temporary. Until I paginate the table it makes no sense to preload it with thousands of users as it will slow down your browser. Give me few days to fix it :slight_smile: (I am busy now with other things).


No worries, thanks for putting your time into this! :grinning:


Actually, the user does not need to visit his/her own page to be included in the rating. It could be anyone opening their page from the memstats index.

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Updated site is up! Tracking more than 9000 users as of now.


Could you add the Memrise levels, please?

Is it possible to add a column for the number of learned words?