Mems not showing up

(Akruning) #1

I am using the latest iOS on iPhone X. The “help me Learn” button doesn’t show up, and there are no mems. When I go to the online version there are lots of mems available. Why don’t these show up on my mobile device?


(Muscovy) #2

Hi akruning, yes, I have been having the same issue for a while. Have you had any sort of response? It is bad enough not getting the pictures loading, but not getting ANY when I know there are many on the web is incredibly frustrating. That is the learning principle behind Memrise.

(Petr R Skupad8) #3

I am really annoyed by poor quality of mems in one of the difficult courses I take

… there is very limited offer (is this related to the questions above? )
… and I can not add any new from my mobile
(not even text)

I remember, that when I had Android phone - I could create new one.

Is it now disabled? Or is it just missing in iOS app?

(khx333) #4

Yes, you need to create your own courses via the web. The iOS app, even the paid one, is very crippled feature-wise.