Mems Not Appearing?

I was revisiting a community-created course I had completed years ago and as I was reviewing the material, I noticed that when I answered incorrectly I was not prompted to review the mems. It didn’t offer me any new mems to choose either. In fact, nothing on the screen even suggested the existence of mems. It simply gave me the correct answer in text to review.

I looked at my profile and the mems I had submitted for that course (again, I am not the course creator) were still there. I can see the image mems among many others in my profile, but they don’t come into play at all when doing the actual course. No type of mem feature appears in the course. I do notice one possible clue: there is no leaderboard on the course. I’m fairly certain that there were others who used this course once upon a time.

Does anyone know what happened?

Link to the course: 27 US Amendments - by Mastemine - Memrise

Hi @Borgesio there is no longer a mem function

Hi @Borgesio and welcome to the forum,

It sounds like you are working in the fairly recently introduced ‘Beta’ version of Memrise. That currently has no mems, although they have said that our mems will be reintroduced at some later date (see post #367 in this other forum topic:

Currently, it is possible to turn off the Beta version and revert to the previous version where our mems still appear. Just go into your settings and uncheck the ‘beta’ box under “The New Memrise Experience”. Also go into your “Learning” settings and check that the “Memrise Labs” button is turned off.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. I had already turned off the Beta settings, but your post did give me a clue and I found that I had enabled “experimental features” in my profile. Apparently that’s a second switch you also have to set to “No.”

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Yes, that’s the “Memrise Labs” button I mentioned. Let’s hope they add mems to the Beta version before too much longer.