Mems in the iOS app

The mems are shown in the iOS app only when you get a word wrong, not when you learn in the first time. In older versions of the iOS app the mems were correctly shown also when learning new words.

@ale_c Apparently you moved this topic from the bugs session but as it is a feature that existed and suddenly disappeared I can only assume it was a bug.

Hi @Marcus.W,

Yes, I’ve moved this out of the bug control section as it isn’t a bug - but thanks for raising this! I appreciate that comms and behaviours around mems have not been super consistent or clear - we hope to clarify this soon.

:point_up: Just to confirm, this is the expected behaviour on iOS.

This is different on Android and on our website, where you can view and create mems even if you don’t get the item wrong.

I hope this helps for now.



Ok. In earlier versions of the iOS app this was not the case, then the mems were shown like on the website.
Hopefully your will change it back, it is not ideal to have to intentionally give an incorrect answer to see a mem that willl (hopefully) help me remember the word.