MEMS from RTK course revived

Mems are back! …well, some of them (in a way).

I took the mems that were archived a year ago and referenced the relevant ones to the entries from Remembering the Kanji course by mackrell. Not all the mems from before they disappeared from the site were restored in this way, of course, but there are still more than 13k picture and text mems for kanji characters (made by jackfrutz, alhoffmn, deltay and many others) now available for being studied again:


The recorded video snippets in this post are from an Anki deck, which can be downloaded with the following link and used right away:

Alternatively, all the source data for the course and mems can be found in the Google Drive folder, in case someone would like to use it with other applications.

There, the images are stored inside the subfolder. The .csv and .xlsx tables differ solely in file formats. In both of them, the first two columns correspond to kanji characters and their keywords, respectively. The third column stores Html-formatted lists of mems for each entry, with the names of creators saved inside the ‘author’ attribute of <li> elements. The last column contains tags indicating the levels from the original course (thanks to @LangAddict for the idea).

When using the deck, new mems can be created as easily as adding new items to the list. The unwanted ones can be deleted from the Anki editor as well:


The card template also provides some additional functionality, not present in the Memrise courses:

  • Ability to add hints to cards when needed
  • Option to add on- and kun- readings to the kanji (the fields’ contents will probably be filled in the future versions of the deck). With AwesomeTTS installed, the reading will automatically generate sound during the review
  • Lookup for wrong answers in order to check, if the kanji was confused with some other one. There is also a special field to write it down for the future reviews
  • The icon image in the top right corner links each kanji to its page on Jisho for comprehensive information on the character
  • Ability to freely write additional notes on cards


Special thanks to @Naynaynay23, who brought back the ability to retrieve the course data from Memrise, contributing in this way to this project as well. Also thanks to @Ishiburu and @johnastsang for suggesting creators of mems to archive, as well as all the people involved in both threads, helping to test and develop the scripts.