Mems disappeared

(Chainie) #1

I have created hundreds of mems for a Swedish course but most of them disappeared. Does anyone know how I could get them back? Thanks in advance!


Hi @chainie

Just a suggestion, but have you checked your profile pages? When I look there, I can see 21 pages of your mems.

Is the problem that you are not seeing any of them in the actual course pages?

(Linka K) #3


I have the same problem.

I created over 700 mems for my own course and now everything is gone.

Now on my profil page I have only the information:
" No Mems :frowning:

You haven’t created any mems yet! Oh no!"

(Chainie) #4

Hello. These 21 pages are more recently created. I have been using memrise for more than half a year. So those mems which disappeared are older mems. So I don’t see those old mems anymore anywhere… this is soooo frustrating!

(Chainie) #5

This really sucks!!! I hope they will come back!!!


Hi @Chainie,

I can understand your frustration/annoyance! I can’t think why that would have happened. I have just checked and all of mine, created over the past 7 years (nearly 1400 of them) are still showing.

@MemriseMatty, @Joshua - Can either of you shed any light on what may have happened here, please?

(Chainie) #7

I changed my profile’s name several times. I wonder if it could be the reason for the disappearance of the mems. These newly created mems haven’t disappeared so far. I have also created more than 1000 mems for that course that I was learning, and all disappeared (except for the newer mems which I made again recently, and yet I am still afraid that they will disappear later on). That feeling was… “I wanted to cry”… but thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:


Hi @Chainie

That’s possible. Can you remember all the usernames you used previously? If so, try opening your current profile page and then replace the final element of the url with one of your old usernames eg***** and see what is there.

For example, when I look at your profile for Chainie (with an extra “i”) I see what is now 22 pages of your mems dating back over the last month. But, if I change the url username to “Chanie” (only one “i”) I see a different profile with “No Mems”. Was that one of your earlier ones?

If not, maybe MemriseMatty or Joshua (who i tagged earlier) will come up with the answer.

(Chainie) #9

Hi. It doesn’t work with the link. I think it works for the current profile names. So maybe MemriseMatty or Joshua could help, please?


Hi @Chainie

I hadn’t intended it to be a link as such but, you can use it as one. On the page it takes you to (the one that says “the page you are trying to get to doesn’t exist”) just replace the five asterisks in the url box at the top of that screen with “Chanie” (without the extra “i”) and press enter, it should take you to the profile page that I mentioned above. Alternatively, you should be able to do that from your current “Chainie” (with the extra “i”) profile page. If you know the other usernames you used in the past, you can try the same process to see what turns up.

Sorry for the confusion. :blush:
Good luck!

(Chainie) #11

Hey. I meant it did not work with replacing the asterisks with my precious usernames. I think Chanie is probably another current user. I even wondered if my mems offended someone so they just got eliminated. :frowning: But thank you for helping out!