Memrise's inability to properly sync between site and app is driving me nuts

For example, after doing a bit of work in the past hour on both the website and on the app to complete my daily goal in my French 6 course, the app says I have a 22 day streak but the website says I have a 2 day streak.


Now, in the past, when the website and app eventually do sync, it’s usually the website’s data that overwrites the app data, so that means I’m going to lose that 22 day streak.

This has been a problem for a long time. I do not understand why after well over a year it’s still a problem and it was one of the reasons I did not have my Pro sub renewed earlier this year. It’s caused me to lose streaks so many times that for most of 2020 I’ve not used Memrise because it’s just so aggravating. I had hoped Memrise it would have gotten fixed by now but no.

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Check out this thread (linked is the latest posting from Memrise RE the fix):