Memrise2Anki Replacement

I created this script that seems to work for now: Export from memrise to anki, export from memrise to CSV (Works in 2022) · GitHub

just run in dev console, save the result as .csv and then import with anki


Shouldn’t it be ...+ i + "}", instead of ...+ num + "}", at the end of line 10?
Also i <= num in line 5, assuming that num is the total number of levels in the course?
But it works in general :slightly_smiling_face:

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I took the liberty of modifying the script and turning it into a Chrome extension so that it would run with a single mouse click, without the need to manually put in the course id and number of levels. The extension is here (sorry, I couldn’t quickly find a way of forking a gist into a proper repository):

There are some limitations: the script does not handle grammar and multimedia levels (it only downloads words before the first such level in a course), and I’m not sure it correctly handles characters from all the possible languages (the ones I tested seem fine though).

The instruction for anyone wanting to use the extension.


  1. Download the zip archive from the link above (same way as described in the original comment of this thread)
  2. Unpack the zip
  3. In Google Chrome click on the Extensions button: image
  4. Go to Manage Extensions
  5. Enable Developer mode in the top right corner:
  6. In the top left corner choose Load unpacked and select the folder extracted in step 2 (ignore the error with the manifest version)
  7. (optional) Go back to the Extensions menu from step 3 and pin the extension by clicking the pin button:


  1. Open any page from the course you want to download
  2. Click the extension icon image
  3. When the download is finished, the CSV file should appear in your downloads folder (it might take some time for large courses!)

awesome :slight_smile:

yeah i used an old unfixed version by accident

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I got the point where the CSV file downloaded, but it has no contents. :confused: Anything I should do differently?

Thank you for your work. :slight_smile:

What course have you been trying to download?

Actually the Finnish one works now, my Adblock was a little too effective. :wink: But I still have blank files for the Nils one and this one:

it’s because the first level is a multimedia level. I sent Eltaurus who maintains the addon a fix and if he accepts it it should be fixed :slight_smile:

edit: he fixed it, you probably need to reinstall the addon

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I made the merge. Seems to work perfectly now :slightly_smiling_face:
I also added you as a collaborator, so you should be able to make all the changes directly

the easy way of updating the extension is to extract the new version into the same folder and click the refresh button image on the extension pannel in the extension manager page.

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Thank you both! :smile: This might require a different add-on, but is it possible to extract the audio as well?

Thank you very much!

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@naynaynay23 will answer it better, as I have only a vague understanding of how the core of the script works. But as an alternative, you can always use Anki addons such as AwesomeTTS or HyperTTS, which can generate audio from the text fields on the fly. The audio they produce is often better than the recordings in Memrise courses.

As far as i can see the direct links to the audios and videos are provided in the ‘learnables’ property, such as these:,

but i’m not sure how you’d intergrate that with anki

To import audio into Anki all the audio files should be downloaded separately and placed inside Anki’s folder. The references to the files are placed as a separate column in the csv file using the format [sound:%filename.mp3]. The rest is pretty much the same.
I haven’t tested this, but I am reasonably sure that’s how it should work.

@Eltaurus i’ve done a lot of progress, could you help me with downloading it using the extension api? I’m not sure how the communication and stuff works The files are supposed to go into a subfolder called courseID/filename

relevant api: Chrome Extension- Change download folder for specific download - Stack Overflow

current fork: GitHub - baroxyton/CourseDump2022: Google Chrome extension to download Memrise courses as csv files