Memrise won't add new contributor using her memrise username

I want to add a contributor to help edit my newest course. She has a Memrise username: all one word, each name is capitalized and her last name is hyphenated. Example: NameName-Name. I have tried inputting the username in several different configurations without success. After inputting I receive the following dialog: All users must be valid before you can save. AND a big ?, question mark is displayed. What else can I do?

If you can be more specific perhaps one of us can advise.
Can you give us her actual name that appears on Decks and which course it is.

Otherwise it may be a question for the support team.

Some of the elements of the usernames on your course leaderboards are separated by an ‘underscore’ rather than a ‘hyphen’. Could it be that?

I can also see one username that has a two digit number following the NameName-Name format.

The easiest way (to avoid typos) would be to go and visit his/her profile on the Memrise website. Then copy the username part from your browser’s address bar (without slashes of course) and use that when adding her/him as a contributor.

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