Memrise will no longer support Android 5

Hi all,

After the next Android app release, Memrise will no longer be supported on devices running Android 5 and earlier.

Please note that this only means that we will stop delivering new app updates for users on Android 5 or earlier. If you’re on one of these versions, you will still be able will be able to download the last supported version from the Play Store at any time.

How can I continue to receive Memrise updates?
To make sure you can always keep the Memrise app up to date, you will need to upgrade to Android version 6.0 or above.

You can find instructions on how to do so on Google Play’s Support Page: How to update your Android version

You will then be able to find available updates for Memrise by visiting the Google Play Store.

Users can also still continue learning on the web at


The worst part for me is that I can no longer clearly see my daily goal streak on the screen (now a weird pull out menu) listing my courses. I’ve missed several of my daily course goals because of this over the past week simply because I wasn’t visually reminded like I normally am.

This is a terrible UI/UX update. The rocket graphics do absolutely nothing and only confuse. I just want to see, at a glance, my courses, progress, and goals. Why obfuscate that? What is the point of this app? It’s already addicting and game-ified. It doesn’t need childish graphics beating us over the head with it.