Memrise to Anki typing mode?

Hey, I don’t like new changes in Memrise so I decided to move on and installed Anki. I have copied my courses via the Anki’s memrise2anki addon but how can I make it typing and multiple choice like on Memrise? Anki sets everything to flashcards only.

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There is a built-in function to choose typing for a deck, it is explained in this video: How To Use Type Answer Anki Card - YouTube

There’s also the option for multi-line typed answers by adding an add-on in Anki. See this video tutorial:

Thanks, after watching it I must admit that the way it is being handled by Anki is much worse. By Memrise I had no delay answer addons, it checked answers almost instantly.
There is also a problem of importing courses - memrise2anki addon sets them in a specific note type, it can be changed though I think.
This app is difficult but memrise is unusable either…

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What delay are you talking about.

In memrise I have auto-complete script which relieved me from pressing space, enter in typing tests and no delay after choosing a word in multiple\time tests (it is another script I think). This saved a lot of time when I had daily 200 words to repeat.
My goal in Anki is to copy the same system (more or less) like on memrise, thus:

  • repetition from English to Dutch and Dutch to English (when repeating words it would be random)
  • typing tests\multiple and memorize flash the same time - now I think it is either flashcard or typing all time
  • no delay, auto answer accept without pressing enter ect

Vocabulary Miner is the simple version of Memrise but sadly they don’t offer a web version :frowning:

Software is usually updated to improve the user experience, but in Memrise the new update causes users to migrate to other software.
You should have noticed that many users are dissatisfied with the new update experience, please allow users to access the previous version of the site.


I see, that is more clear. I don’t have enough knowledge to do the things you want. Maybe someone else can now help.

Personally though…
Dutch to english does not seem very efficient to me. It is way better to read dutch texts for this purpose. You also learn about context and which synonyms are used when etc. Not making you speak like a textbook.

Also multiple choice for language learning seems like a bad idea too. Its way too easy to pick a correct option by deduction. Faking you know words which then get pushed back by the SRS.

I also would like auto answer accept in Anki. Heck, even memrise disabled this function for IME keyboard users. I’m doing a Japanese course here (along wanikani) to supplement my textbooks. They had to fix a “bug”. And instead of fixing it, they just disabled the whole option for non qwerty keyboards…

Veel succes met leren.

zozo I installed a few addons to anki, accepted some other style of learning (I am used to writing tests) and it goes better and better. I downloaded all my courses and converted them to anki cards.
On the other hand I may even thank Memrise devs that they fuck… up their product that much and forced me to find a better alternative :smiley:

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Can you share the addons you used. I was never able to download my courses … I just got errors. I’d have to but them all in Anki myself unfortunately. I am looking for writing tests and the same type of automation memrise has. I’ve only tried Anki a handful of times and found it to be too much of a manual process. If Quizlet had true SRS I’d just use it but it doesn’t.

For memrise I used this memrise2anki - AnkiWeb, it may give an error if there are name’s errors like www.memrise instead of http ect.
Anki requires more effort in the beginning, that’s true. There are none ready to go multiple tests, so everything needs to be re-done.
But I think of it more like a sandbox which can be made more or less like memrise but it will never be the second memrise due to obvious differences in approach.

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Does the export include audio? Im fed up with the memrise app. It is 100% multiple choice now and my retention is horrible.

The Anki webapp does not seem to support typing in answers. But the mobile version should.

After some fiddling i got the import tool working.
Install the plugin via Anki, then replace the code in [] and [] from this url.

computer files: %appdata%\Anki2\addons21\2071525018

Anyway, the audio is also imported automatically and seems to work great :slight_smile:

“On the other hand I may even thank Memrise devs that they fuck… up their product that much and forced me to find a better alternative :smiley:

I think i will stay with Anki too for now, it works really neat! I can do only typing mode on browser And my phone too. I can add memonics to cards i have trouble with. If i make a typo, or don’t really care about perfect spelling for some words, i have the ability to still rate the answer as accepted. Anki actually shows the typo in red. I can easially add cards from the audio courses i am also using.

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U can install more addons, if u r a stats nerd like me. Generally every day I am getting used to it - yes I miss the simple typying tests (Anki can have it too but no auto-accept though) and it tends to work slower I think.
So far I had 900 words to repeat in memrise, I have 400 left in Anki :slight_smile: So it goes well :slight_smile:

How use the special caracter in Anki? For exemple from portugues - ã, ê, ç

I also kind of want to thank the Memrise devs for ruining the site, it led me to switch to Anki as well and you can use add-ons to make it behave the same as Memrise pretty much.

I ​use “auto rate typed answer” add on so that answers are graded when I press enter:

Also, you can make it ta note typing style by adding the following code to the styling tab of the card template: #typeans { text-align: center; }

Here’s an example of how mine looks:


My template is quite the same and works pretty well. I mostly use Anki on Iphone now though.
I don’t tink there is an auto grade answer option there. But i have gotten pretty used to the self rating system.

It is also nice to be quickly able to add a memonic to the backside.

I made a deck for the whole Genki course and took some time to order the cards.
If anyone looking to save some time: Genki I & II - Vocabulary With Audio - Memrise Course - AnkiWeb

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Ok guys, I think that after almost 2 weeks with Anki I can say I will not come back to memrise anymore. The flexibility, easiness, customization of the app is great.
I will only download some courses from memrise which are great to be honest :slight_smile:
I think I can definitely say I am sorry that I was angry at memrise devs. No, thanks to garbage you made recently I could move forward on the next level, you opened my eyes :smiley:

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fair enough