Memrise to Anki, need some assistance?!

(Waffletoaster) #1

Hi, I am using this extension to migrate my courses and others I use to Anki. I am running into some trouble so perhaps someone can help me out here.

The addon is as following:
I am running Anki version anki-2.1.9beta4-a0b9b6c0-windows.exe from

I extracted the .zip into the addon folder but am getting syntax errors upon opening Anki again.
Am I running the correct version of Anki? Could that be a cause? What version should I install to make this work?

Users' guide to Memrise/Decks split up
(Frank00) #2

try 2.19 standard stable and follow this instruction

(Waffletoaster) #3

Same problem error

I installed Anki 2.19
Downloaded the .zip from github

Went in Anki -> tools -> addons -> (list was empty) view files -> extracted the .zip there which made a folder and the .py file
Restarted Anki, get this error and the addon is not loading. I heard you get an added option under Tools to run the addon.

(Waffletoaster) #4

This method seems to be working though, completely unrelated to Anki Addons and the preferred method, I would still like to have this issue solved however

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #5

This is another reason why Anki is not user friendly it didn’t happen to me for this extensions but it happen to another one.

(Waffletoaster) #6

I agree, I am trying the 2nd method out for my Japanese courses but the course has 2 ways of showing the words which is kanji and hiragana but somehow Anki only shows the kanji word which you don’t want for non kanji courses.

I guess I will have to move to Quizlet instead

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #7

Try memorion if you are on Android

(Waffletoaster) #8

Is there a deck database for that one? Since I use the Genki books I am specifically looking to follow courses made based on the Genki vocabulary that’s why.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #9

No but you can import decks from Anki,Quizlet and Supermemo.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #10

It’s rather user fudging hostile.

(Ian) #11

So were most of your movies Clint :slight_smile:

(Albo2albo) #12

I’m not sure if this will help, but Anki can create two cards and test you in both directions, ie (kanji > hiragana, and hiragana > kanji in your example). It may be only showing the cards in one direction because you have the wrong note type (Basic).

These are the steps to create cards in both directions :
1 click on Browse from the top of Anki
2 from Browse select the cards that are currently only testing in one direction: they will probably be in their own folder, “Memrise…” which can be selected from the left panel
3 select the cards you want to test both ways from the main window. If all the cards are in the same directory (as 2. above) then you can click anywhere in the main window and select all with Ctrl-a
4 Right-click the selected cards and choose ‘Change Note Type’ from the menu
5 A new window will pop up. In this new window select ‘New note type’ as ‘Basic (and reversed card)’
6. You may get a warning about having to upload your database - if you do click ok

You should now have two cards for each question (eg k>h and h>k).

You may wish to create a test card to practice with first: create a card with Front on one side and Back on the reverse - then go through the above steps. When Anki has created the second card you can click each card in the Browse window, then click Preview in the top right corner and you can look at the cards you have created - one displaying Front as the question, and the other displaying Back as the question.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions I may be able to answer them - I’m not an expert and Anki is quite complex, but I have used Anki for a couple of years.

(Mbs12) #13

AFAIK, the last release .zip from GitHub doesn’t work with recent version of Anki. Instead you can download the files from (here is a zip with the files you need) and put them in a subdirectory of the Anki add-ons directory (the name of the subdirectory doesn’t matter).

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #14

The lastest update added the option to share decks with the other users since it’s new there’s no decks yet.

(Waffletoaster) #15

Well I got it to work but not using the link everyone suggests.
In the addon menu you can press Get Addons, this opens a website with listed various add ons people uploaded int he Anki database. The memrise to anki one is there also. You simply click on it and copy an ID code with you enter in the previous menu in Anki itself and it runs the installation itself. After restarting Anki it now works fine.

All the times I tried to do so manually would end up syntax erroring.
As for version I am using the latest stable version from the website, not some older one nor a beta.