Memrise Stuck on Same streak for 4 days know. Web App

Although cookies are enabled, I must continually log in. I click login and it doesn’t ask for anything it just goes to my home page. Streak days are stuck and it says I’ve completed my daily goals. I can do a review but that is all. My android app says zero streak days now but allows me to study.


I’m having the exact same issue. Web is showing my goals as complete before I do any learning, and the streak numbers aren’t going up. My highest streak count is also not updating.
I haven’t changed my time zone or anything recently.

I’m also having the issue with the discrepancy between the app (android) and the web version.
Initially the app streak number was always a day behind, and now all streaks have disappeared.

I really really don’t want to lose my streaks, please tell us this can be fixed?



Exactly the same issue. Waiting for a reply, I also do not want to lose my streak!


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I have the same problem on desktop. Streak doesn’t go up and shows day as complete.

Similar issue after Android app update on September 14 (V. 2.94_23300). Uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted phone. Now the only problem is that my 291-day streak was reset to 0. The streak still appears in my profile though.

Mine is doing exactly the same, on the desktop version. I REALLY don’t want to lose my over-300 day streaks.

I have the same problems two days already

I am having the same problem with the kindle app the web app and even weirder problems with the app on my iPad.

Apparently, support doesn’t care to address this problem. It’s happened in the past too. We should all get a return on our money. I for one am moving to Duolingo.

Wow, so many new forum users - welcome everybody! :slight_smile:

As for the problem, Memrise knows about it and they’re working on a fix this very moment.
Have a look at this thread:

As I’m rarely using the web version I can assure you that you can work around this on the apps as the streak problem seems to be related to the website, not the apps (I’m really only certain about the Android app as that’s what I’m using, but I presume this is valid for the iOS app as well).


But I am experiencing the problem on the Android app.

please read and follow the incident report here: My daily goal doesn't change


Thanks guys! I like the new format and my streak has been saved. Now, I can continue!

Installed the update 9/17 and my streak is still gone on Android app.

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My highest streak count is also not updating.
I haven’t changed my time zone or anything recently.

Hi, I can see that you streak on the TTMIK course is now 324 on mobile. Do you see the same on your app?

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Hi - it appears you have no courses with an active daily goal, which sounds like the reason why your streak is not updating. Can you please ensure you pick a daily goal in the app or the website? By reaching the daily goal every day, you will see the course streak increase :slight_smile:



Yes, my Android app shows the same goal as you are seeing. Website agrees, too. Thank you so much for fixing this. I know it involved a lot of individual cases.


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Streaks/progress tracking have been broken for as long as I can remember. App (ios) and web progress are never in sync. Its been a long standing issue and I’ve lost hope of Memrise ever getting this basic functionality to work.

If you look at the bug history, this is not a new problem for memrise. Its been a constant problem with them for a very long time.