Memrise, stop "improving" Android app. You're bad at it

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #21

The same problem with the Chinese courses.

Does anyone from Memrise team want to comment on this update?

(khx333) #22

The use of blue non-relevant space is also in the iOS app. I don’t know why this was introduced… We should get more space for words, letters, answers and the keyboard insead.

(Mady Nora) #23

What is most annoying for me is that before the update if I couldn’t remember a word, and tapped “skip” without typing anything, it counted as a “wrong answer”. Then, the app showed me the correct answer, and re-shuffled the word to my current lesson. Now if I tap “skip” it SKIPS the word ENTIERLY. NO correct answer is shown. It does NOT re-add the word to your learning session. It’s like: Oh, you don’t rememeber this word? Well, I guess you can skip learning it. Geez, I press “skip” because I don’t remember a word, and NOT because I want to skip learning it… If I want to skip learning something, I just use the “ignore” function.
But the other updates already mentioned here are annoying as well. On the “correct answer” screen I used to be able to see the word, the meaning, the audio button and the mem on one screen. I saw everything at one glance, which was incredibly helpful for learning. Now? All I see is a big blue box, and I need to scroll just to see te furigana for japanese…
And I’m also suffering from the “words added to a long expression overlap the words still waiting to be used” bug, making some courses rather hard if not downright impossible to do :frowning:

Android bugs
(Olaf Rabbachin) #24

I can confirm that problem, @MadyNora. I’ve added that to the bug list here (#14).

(Mady Nora) #25

Thanks! Just one small thing: with your wording in the bug section, it sounds like if the “skip” button was missing. It’s not missing, it’s just that you indeed need to type at least a letter to make the button useful, and show you the correct answer. Tapping “skip” without typing anything kicks the word out from your lesson. But from my experience people “skip” words because they don’t remember them, and not becase they don’t want to learn them during that lesson. It also doesn’t help that the word immediately gets re-shuffled into your next lesson, and of course you won’t know it again, because the app never showed you the correct answer :frowning:

(Olaf Rabbachin) #26

I actually don’t know how the button looks (res. what text it contains) in the English version of Memrise as mine runs in German. Here, the button reads WEITER (continue), but it’s disabled and greyed out initially. The caption doesn’t change after the first character has been typed in, instead the button simply gets enabled. I’m pretty certain that the button read ÜBERSPRINGEN (skip) in the previous version and changed to the caption that is now always being shown.

FWIW, I’m sure the Memrise developers should be able to understand the problem from what I wrote. :wink:
I’ve also provided a link to your posting here.

(Mady Nora) #27

It reads “skip” in English, and if my memory serves right, it always did so. And it’s indeed grey before typing a letter, but it’s not disabled: it’s working, and serves the function of kicking the current word out from your lesson. Now I always have to remember to type a random character if I can’t remember the word I’m trying to learn before continuing.

I hope they understand too :slight_smile: I don’t want to “sikp” stuff I do want to learn, just can’t remember for the moment :slight_smile:

(Olaf Rabbachin) #28

Gee, so much for being a software developer myself: the disabled appearance was good enough for me to never even try tapping the button! :rofl:
And cheers for explaining, now I understand what you meant and I’ve edited my bug-list accordingly. And I do recall that it happened to me at least once recently. I’ve just tried it out and it happened again. There was an Android update a few hours ago, so it might actually have been introduced in this version (nowadays every update seems to bring up new problems while fixing none which is quite a dilemma).

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #29

Another trouble with this new button: occasionally I’m tapping “continue”, when actually I want to press “space”. Apparently the problem is the size of the screen where both buttons look very much alike and located in the same place.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #30

They have implemented a greyish font for new words in this update. In my non-developer opinion it’s just another disaster: straining your eyes is not a good idea. But I don’t know, maybe I’m really missing something.

(Diego Nobody) #31

I used to have the same problem, i was about to report it, but they suggest me to uninstall the app and install again and the problem is now fix.

(Diego Nobody) #32

I used to have the same problem, i was about to report it, but they suggest me to uninstall the app and install again and the problem is now fix.

(Danielslab) #33

Learning Chinese with the new update is much harder. I have to swipe to scroll and see the pinyin spelling with tones as well as my mems. It’s important I not only match a sound or character to a meaning but also see the pinyin and tonal spelling as those are components of the HSK tests and the easy visual reminders is good for reinforcing that. I also sometimes find errors in the audio or the audio is a dialect variation and having the pinyin and tonal spelling helps guide me in pronouncing a word correctly. If I want quick memory recall I’ll play the quick review mode, but with learning new words and the normal review, seeing more upfront is far more beneficial. A giant audio button or such a tiny radical is just wasteful space and now I need to spend more physical energy and movement just to see what I used to be able to with an eye flick. It’s made my motivation to use the app as my favorite flashcard app drop dramatically. Scrolling to see mems I can understand since they’re pseudo hints but is it possible to add an option for certain courses to use the previous app layout/format?