Memrise Release Notes - 29 Nov 2017

We made a few changes to the typing test yesterday, one of which was to only have the in-app keyboard contain a set list of special characters for each language.

What we didn’t notice though was that this made the typing test extremely difficult for users learning languages with a non-Latin alphabet who don’t have a keyboard for that alphabet. This was because these languages do not have a list of special characters in Memrise.

We therefore reverted the change for the non-Latin alphabet languages so that these will have the hinted keyboard for the typing test. We’ve listed the languages below.


The Memrise Team


Unfortunately, for Korean at least, the “hinted keyboard” is in effect the answer and reviewing it becomes little more than a coping exercise. Very very disappointed with what you have done here - essentially made memrise unusable for me. I will be cancelling my pro membership.


Still not solving the problem through the auto-accept.

IME input the answer and then have to delete it when answering the next question in Japanese.


Thanks for that. I wonder if it is possible to increase the choices in the “in app keyboard” to make the multiple choice test more challenging.

Please revert this change or give us the possibility to disable the in-app keyboard.


Please give us the option to disable the in-app keyboard. The virtual keyboard doesn’t bother me on the Android app but it makes typing questions futile on the PC: I have an IME installed and would like to type without getting visual hints, it defeats the entire purpose of learning the word. Please, please, please, give us the option to turn it off. 534156165 Please give us the option to turn this off, this is very important.


Please I need the keyboard with letters of word back - because I want to learn synonymums in spanish ==> for example the word only (I can use the con tal de que o siempre y cuando)

Now I don´t know which word - I should use (now I learn 1 word or I make mistake).

How can I learn the synomymum - please give me advice. This new up-date make memrise unusable for me.

I will be very grateful, when the last keyboard come back.


I hope you are not simply making fun of “us” with this fake argument…

you mean in your own course you don’t know what you put in*???
what about adding a hint or both alternatives as synonyms?
go into the database, search the item you speak about, hover the mouse at the end of the cell and you will see “alt” - alternatives, then fill in the synonym. Alternatively, consult the “knowledge base” of memrise about “how to create a course” (

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Yes, but this don´t help me - I learn 1 word (then I use everytime - con tal de que (but I forget use the other opportunity siempre y cuando).
Therefore I don´t have in my vocabulary the 2 solutions /I don´t like using the same word in the text - for this I learn synomynums/

Unfortunately still doesn’t fix the problem with Japanese.
Quite often the hinted keyboard at the bottom of the screen basically gives the answer so that instead of using your memory you’re just copying from the characters at the bottom of the answer box. It seems like this is also the case for Korean and Chinese.

Please, please make the on screen keyboard and auto-accept should be optional. Because for the people learning a asian languages these changes completely destroy the memrise learning experience.


These updates are ruining Korean. It’s too easy if the syllables all appear under the answer box. Just let us go back to typing, like we’ve been doing for years. We don’t have hints in real life situations, why should we have hints when we’re learning? It’s a crutch.


hi @BeaTrisy you said

We therefore reverted the change for the non-Latin alphabet languages so that these will have the hinted keyboard for the typing test. We’ve listed the languages below.

But this is a bit confusing. Your changes yesterday added a keyboard. How is reverting the changes making it “so that these WILL have the hinted keyboard” ??

The keyboard is still present and along with the list or complaints yesterday and the new ones in this thread, these changes aren’t working well for these languages.

I just don’t understand how transforming the website into the app is a priority when a huge issue is still that the actual Dashboard takes anywhere from 2-30 seconds to load. Isn’t the website loading a bigger issue than messing with what worked?

Also, aren’t there enough funds to set up a simple test server that many of us would be very willing to help test out for new changes?

Maybe some of us aren’t making sense so feel free to question any of these complaints and I think we can take the appropriate screenshots or video so you have a better understanding of what happens with the testing in these languages. Or if you are specifically making changes to suit the plans for the memrise official courses, please mention that as well, because a lot of us use courses made by users, and feel kind of abandoned when these things suddenly are forced on us.


And the auto-accept? You keep it for everyone, and do not make it an option? Just tell me if you do so, so that I can cancel my pro-membership right now.
Best Regards.


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This is what @Jani.M said: (and does not fit the Italian course thread and is about the keyboard.)


Can you also change my Spanish course (I make it myself.)

(I need unconditional back the keyboard before last up-date. - I practise the synonym (now without the help I can´t)

Thanks very much.


But can you change my course, correct? (I´m the creator this Medio Espanol).
This course I made for the intensification the vocabulary (for synomym), not for the expansion the vocabulary.

Really I need the back the keyboard with help.



Can you also change my Spanish course (I make it myself.)

Sorry I am just a learner like you (but have been around for a long time), I do not work for the MemRise team.

(I have now moved your comments about the Italian course to a new “[Course Forum]” for you. I hope you approve)

I second this. If some people want to learn this way - fine. But please make it optional.
I don’t want to threaten with this, but I genuinely don’t see any reason to keep my subscription if I find Memrise unusable. It’s just too expensive for that.


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