Memrise Release Notes - 28 Nov 2017 (Update on changes to typing test)

let’s assume you type a answer, and it does not accept it, you know you typed the wrong answer, what do you do now?

if your answer is you deleted the wrong answer and thus typed the right answer, that means you already knew the right answer and just read the question wrong, or just needed a couple more seconds to think. You are not screwing up the ‘‘SRS’’ process…

if your answer is, you looked up the right word, well that is your fault lad.

I don’t have a problem with it being a toggle feature, but if they don’t make it toggle, it should be default.

Hi there,
I’m studying Mandarin and my new in-app keyboard (which I don’t need) is including characters which are the answers.

This is turning a TYPING test into a multiple-choice or tapping test. This is not okay.

Can you please advise how to toggle off this option?


Well, now that I’m doing my Japanese set, I can see the autotyping is not compatible with IME in a significant way.

When you type the answer, and the system accepts it, it happens too quickly, meaning the IME will lag and reproduce the answer for the next one. You then have to erase that answer and type your new one. This makes this more laborious and aggravating than previous.


Like I said in the old thread Memrise Release Notes - 25 Sep 2017 (Changes to typing tests)
“When I answer I want to make a conscious decision what my definitive answer will be and not be cut short in my thought process by automatic acception. Also I would like to type complete answers.”

For instance when I want to answer Kyrgyzstan I will now be cut short after typing Kyrgyz because that is an alternative answer in the course. Or if keep typing fast the last part of that answer will land in the answer box for the next question. So I will have to delete that part or if I don’t notice it I’ll get my next question wrong.

And yes I will have no more stupid typos. Those can be very annoying but auto accept encourages lazy reviewing habits. For all those times I nearly know the answer but not quite perfectly I will now get a do-over. An opportunity to guess a letter I had doubts about and correct cases I got wrong the first time. And then feel like I really knew it anyway. So I will be learning less.


The bleeding into next answer box is a horrendous flaw.


thankfully it is now back, thank you memrise

I have not experienced the bleeding into the next answer box yet… Could be browser issue.

I get the whole ‘‘conscience’’ thing. Seems a bit OCD. It’s still not like you don’t know the answer and memrise is giving you the answer. You clearly know the answer, so what’s the big deal…?

Another great thing about auto accept is that is bypasses course creator laziness. If someone type ‘‘akzeptieren’’ for ‘‘to accept’’ but it wanted ‘‘annehmen’’, the learner should not be punished because the creator did not make them acceptable to one another or did not bother distinguishing them in the definition better.

Typos and synonyms alone, auto accept has already been a god send for me in the last 2 hours ALREADY!


This auto-accept feature is god-awful and needs to be either removed or given the option to be removed by the user. How is the flaw not absolutely blatant? Now, when I type what I first believed to be the answer, or even 2nd, 3rd, or 4th believed to be the answer, I automatically know if the answer is right or wrong before I ever press enter.

In order to properly keep the progressive learning intact, you now have to go by your own honor system of ‘Okay, although I absolutely know this is wrong since this feature is blatantly cheating by telling me it is the incorrect answer before hitting accept, I will not follow my own honor code of hitting accept for that answer although I already know it is wrong before hitting accept.’ It is absolutely stupid and I don’t see how this flew by anyone without it being instantly realized.

When taking a biology test and going with what your mind tells you to be the first answer, you do not have the teacher standing behind you watching what you write and saying ‘Oh, wait no Timmothy that is not correct, it’s okay try again!’ over and over until you get the correct answer. That entirely destroys the functionality of the quiz to begin with and is CHEATING.

Don’t even say ‘Well, it’s on you if you cheat!’ No, that is a lazy rebuttal and it is not as simple as that nor acceptable. When the feature that CHEATS FOR YOU is blatantly applied to every single thing that you do and is forced on you that contributes to ruining test legitimacy, on a majorly quizzing website, it is not on us to create our own honor code to get quizzes to serve their legitimate function on a quizzing website


Japanese tests lag SO MUCH. It took me almost four minutes for a 17-word session.

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Maybe I knew the answer perfectly and it was only a typo. But other times there are small but stubborn errors in my answers or mix ups with other words. Those mistakes surface especially when I’m tired. It is a sign of some weakness in my recollection and I want to use Memrise to improve those weaknesses not to forgive them.


And really, Geil, no one is saying you’re a bad person for liking auto-accept lol. Just everyone wishes it were an option you could turn off or on. We had a script that did just that. We don’t need wholesale intervention when learning is so individualized anyhow.


do you write English right every time? Or whatever your native lang is? Either way, you are still being forced to type the correct grammar.

No I usually agree with the community on most issues, but I think this is where we are being in error because we are being stubborn. I don’t mind the option, but most mainstream users have no idea about scripts or what not. Only if you are savvy and browse this forum.

I also don’t use firefox or chrome because they are crap. :slight_smile:

I don’t like auto-accept (see my post here). Please allow the user to turn this “feature” on or off.


I am sorry but none of that makes sense. You still have a time clock to think of the right answer, and if you don’t answer it in the correct amount of time… well you don’t know it, and you got it wrong it. Unless you have a script with the timer disabled, then you really are actually cheating and your entire premise is flawed.

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If you’re looking for more arguments why some people (myself included) dislike the auto complete, some are mentioned in this thread I made earlier before understanding the forum layout better (sorry about that).

There is some sense to your argument here, but the downside is that now you have to sit through the timer looking for the answer, which if you don’t find it is actually bad for memory consolidation, and certainly slows down the pace, which this change is meant to increase.

Perhaps more of a serious counterpoint is that if you know it’s either one of two options (or you have some other number of ideas and you’re quite sure it has to be one of them), but you would have gone for option A, which is then not counted as correct, you will know it had to be option B all along (or C or D or whatever after that), and might put that in, and the algorithm will consider that you knew the answer when really you would have gotten it wrong. That’s still a form of cheating, in my mind (not to mention that it messes with the algorithm/the timings). If you’re doing this to learn a language, and you’re speaking the language in real life, you don’t have this feature either—I want to train to have the right answer be the first one to come to my mind.

I tested this to confirm for someone, and yeah speed review is broken right now.

can you give me an example ?

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