Memrise Release Notes - 28 Nov 2017 (Update on changes to typing test)

After changes made to the typing test back in September, we received some feedback from all of you. As always, thank you! We’ve heard you and now we’re releasing the next batch changes:

You said: “Having the characters needed for the answer in the keyboard makes the tests TOO easy!”

The change: The in-app keyboard will now only contain a set list of special characters for each language (e.g. x for German), this means that it won’t include any of the characters needed to answer the test.

You said: “Auto-accept is great!” but you also said “Auto-accept is definitely not great!”

The change: Auto-accept will be enabled for typing test answers. Your feedback was mixed, so for this one we’re running with the belief that the increase in speed through the session makes it a net improvement for your learning experience.

Thanks, and happy type-testing!
The Memrise Team


So what is the change for auto-accept? The description looks like you are not going to change anything. But the userscript I’m using (to disable auto-accept) stopped working, so you did change something, didn’t you?

it did change… the page jumps immediately after you gave the right item… which is annoying, because you do not have the time to read what you wrote, (among others, lets say… because as a course creator - with most courses on “private” but with enough public courses to work on, I like to make ajustments or maybe to upload a better audio file …etcetc)

edit: bah… now everything is almost strict-typing… not funny at all!!!



I have just tried a few reviews.

Was it really your intention that for auto-accept to work, punctuation must now be included? For example, in Spanish courses, it now requires both “¿” and “?” to be typed. Actually, I’m not a fan of auto-accept because, if you have made a mistake in your answer, you are now ‘stuck’ until either the clock runs down or you hit “Enter”. I am running the ‘all typing’ script. Does that make a difference?

Also, regarding the in-browser keyboard, I’m confused by what you meant by:


Please add a possibility to turn off auto-accept.
This change seriously ruins the typing tests.

Mixed user feedback clearly means that this is not a good feature for many.
You don’t need to have beliefs, just let the users turn it on or off.


This change has created a problem when learning Japanese. If the in-app keyboard is not there, then the only way you can continue is if you have a Japanese keyboard. if you dont have a japanese keyboard then you cannot continue learning. thanks


I would rather be able to hit enter instead of auto-accept. It’s extremely annoying, and it only works on some words/phrases and not others. So far I haven’t come across the other problem mentioned above of requiring strict typing, but if that ever becomes the case across the site I will seriously consider going to back to actual paper flash cards. Memrise, you had it working just fine. You have heard this hundreds of times in these forums: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT.


VT22: Yes! So many features would work better on Memrise if options were given. I would be racing you to see who would be first to turn off this particular one.


I think to cater all people’s tastes i think it would be better to make it all optional? o_o

Also I need that in-screen keyboard option which i need specifically for kanji which i also don’t mind if u make it optional as well.


The in-app keyboard is essential for Japanese. Without it you cannot continue unless your PC has a Japanese keyboard.


which unfortunately, my PC doesn’t have it. I’m pretty much dead for JLPT . ;-;


This makes it impossible to continue my japanese learning. the time is to short to type all that stuff in the japanese windows keyboard. wow. why did you do that, i relied heavily on memrise on my vocabulary learning.


Ouch! You know you need multiple IME inputs when typing? Rip for mixed hiragana, katakana and kanji courses… Literally step 1 on how to fuck up: Change a key (HA get it? Key) feature that 5% of users complained about.


I agree. I am learning Korean and am running into the same issue. I have brought up the on-screen keyboard which I can use Hangul on, however because the page is in English it flashes between the two and by the time I have done the pre prep to answer, the time is up!

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I don’t know what you’re referring to. IME still works. You don’t need a Japanese keyboard.

However, the main problem is the dumb keyboard shows you the kanji for the answer, which completely defeats the purpose. This is why we complained in the first place: IT GIVES AWAY THE ANSWER. The autoaccept also makes it harder to click escape and look at the other definitions. ALSO, on the subject of giving away answers, with autoaccept you know if your answer is wrong if the system doesn’t take it right away. This encourages you to change your answer, which screws up the SRS process.

@BeaTrisy, why did you inform us that there’d be changes to loading speeds and such, but neglect to relate what the substantive changes would be?


exactly the opposite for korean
it shows a whole syllable instead of single characters and its quite easy to write korean by just switchting the keyboard layout

Auto accept is great. I can’t think of a legit reason why anyone would hate it… Because nobody has given one…

the biggest reason why it’s great is that it completely nips the typo mistakes in the butt. I get too many answers wrong because I type too fast or I too tired and miss typing a single letter in a 20 letter german word. With auto accept, if I type, typos are virtually eliminated as for being a possibility.


strictly speaking for learning Korean:

The auto accept is actually great. Makes locking in faster since (for Korean) you still have to hit Enter after the last syllable for the auto accept to kick in. This probably doesnt apply to any other language.

The on-screen keyboard on the other hand is still terrible.
Instead of just showing “special characters” (which there are none in Korean) it shows whole syllables. So just by looking at the syllables given you kind of know which word it is.
to give an example: it shows 월 instead of the single characters ㅇㅜㅓㄹ


This has to do with psychology for me. If I’m tired and have 500+ words to review, of course I’m more inclined to be lazy and see since the word isn’t being accepted, I got it wrong and to type the right answer. This, however, is not conducive to learning because I will mess up my intervals. I know some people enjoy this feature, which is why I see no reason not to make it via a toggle button. Speed review is also not obligatory. Why make this?


Also, congrats, I guess. I remember six months ago we were having huge discussions after these updates, and then staff just disappeared and refused to answer our concerns.

Now we’ve had a pitiful response of member feedback. Looks like everyone is burned out.